Are These Bad Habits Really That Bad?

We all have bad habits (nail biting, check!), but some of them are worse than others (smokers, you know I’m talking to you). However, just because you have a bad habit of doing something others think is completely horrifying it doesn’t mean what you are doing is all that bad. There are some bad habits that aren’t as bad for you as many people think and there are others that are far worse for you than you know.

Texting While Walking

You know the church sign that reads, “Honk if you love Jesus….text while driving if you want to meet him,”? Yes, you know what I’m talking about. Well, you know texting and driving is bad news all around but did you know you’re not any safer walking and texting? It’s one of the worst bad habits.  If you’re engrossed in a text conversation while crossing the street, you could up your chances of being hit by a car. If you’re texting and walking through the parking lot to your car from the store, you could be mugged or attacked without even seeing it coming. Save the texting for when you are sitting. At home. With the doors locked.

Not Replacing the Sponge

You might not think you need to replace the sponge in your kitchen sink until it smells funky, but you really need to replace it every few days. However, this is one of those bad habits almost no one realizes is so bad. That thing is nasty and covered in germs. Think about it; have you used it recently to wipe up the sink after you just cleaned meat? Have you used it to clean the counters after a big spill? Did you pick it up to use it after sanitizing the rest of the house with chemicals and before washing your hands? Either put that thing in the microwave and zap it on high every few days while it’s still damp to kill germs, or replace it frequently.

Sitting in a Public Bathroom

Unless the seat is obviously covered in urine and other strange stains, the seat of a public restroom toilet is actually one of the cleanest places in the restroom. You don’t have to hover, of course you can if you want; but the seat isn’t as dirty as….well, most other parts of the bathroom. The sink handle, paper dispenser and door handles are far dirtier.


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