Are Breakups Really Harder on Men?

A gallon of ice cream, three bottles of wine, two shots of patron, two boxes of tissues, a hundred foul words, and two of your closest girlfriends all at the same time can only mean one thing; a breakup. It’s hard on a woman to go through something this devastating, but some experts think that breakups are harder on men than on women. When was the last time you saw a man with a cart full of wine, ice cream, and tissues?

They’re Connected to You

Men don’t really know they’re as into you as they really are. However, experts believe that when a man and a woman become intimate with one another, the man automatically starts to think of the woman as his own to care for and protect. I’m sure a few women are laughing pretty hard right now.

You Care for Them

Women are caregivers. When they are into a guy, they clean for him, cook for him, make an effort for him, and basically make sure that his life is perfect all the time. They like that. When the relationship ends and you’re gone, they take it pretty hard that they have to iron their own clothes, do their own laundry, and clean their own toilets (that’s assuming they even bother). And believe me, they are upset that the lovely scent of their house leaves with you. No one likes to smell gym socks and sweaty man parts.

He’s Addicted to You

Love is addicting. Scientists say that it’s true. After a while, his body stops producing the dopamine that he needs to find you exciting and attractive at all times, but in its place is a feeling of need. So while he may not really want you around anymore, his body feels a sense of loss at the fact that you are not around anymore.


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