15 Amazing Party Ideas For Turning 60

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Turning 60 is a significant milestone, marking six decades of life, experiences, and memories. It is an occasion that deserves a celebration reflective of the individual’s journey and the joy of the moment. Here, we have created a list of 15 exceptional party ideas designed to honor this special milestone.

Decade-Themed Party

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You can turn your living room or backyard into a scene straight out of the ’70s. Start by hanging disco balls and lava lamps on tables and walls decked out in psychedelic posters. Create a ’70s hits playlist, or find a DJ. You can also plan a dress code like bell bottoms, platform shoes, and even a leisure suit. 

Wine Tasting

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Start by setting up a table with a lineup of wines, each paired with a cheese or appetizer that brings out its best flavors. You could have a little card for each wine that tells a story about where it is from, the history of the vineyard, or what makes this bottle unique. 

Bucket List Bash

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If the birthday person has always talked about wanting to skydive, secretly book that jump and surprise them. Or, if they have always wanted to paint but never had the chance, organize a private class with a local artist. The idea is to pick something they have always wanted to do but have not yet – and make it happen. 

Memory Lane

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This is a heartwarming walk through their lives. Start collecting photos, old letters, and any memorabilia that tells their story. Reach out to friends and family well in advance and ask them to contribute a few words like a memory, a funny story, or a message of love. It is about celebrating the journey they have been on.

Garden Party

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Plan a soft, magical evening under the stars. You can hang string lights crisscrossing above, lanterns flickering on tables, and scatter around some comfortable seating like cushions and bean bags. Serve simple snacks like sandwiches and fruit skewers, plus sangria and mocktails. It is all about a laid-back vibe, good food, and great chats under the stars.

Roaring ‘20s Gala

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Throw a roaring ’20s party with jazz music, flapper dresses, and speakeasy vibes. Mix up some classic cocktails like martinis and whiskey sours. You can also create a playlist full of old-school tunes. Deck out the place with gold and black decorations to make it feel like a Gatsby bash.

Travel-Themed Party

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Bring the world to your backyard or living room. Set up different stations or “countries” around the space. For Japan, a sushi-making station where guests can roll their own. For France, a little Parisian café corner with coffee, croissants, and macarons. For Italy, a pizza-making setup with various toppings to choose from. You can play music from each country playing in the background.

Movie Night Under the Stars

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You can create the ultimate backyard cinema by setting up a projector and screen and scattering around plenty of comfy seating. A popcorn bar is necessary – have varieties of seasonings and toppings so guests can customize their popcorn. It is about snuggling up under the stars and getting lost in a good film.

Culinary Class Party

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Choose a cuisine that the birthday person loves and hire a chef to lead a cooking class. It could be anything from Italian pasta making to Mexican delicacies. Try pairing it up with some great wine or a signature cocktail for the evening. It is a delicious way to learn something new and enjoy good food and company.

Karaoke Night

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Set the stage for a night of laughs and music. Rent a karaoke machine and set up a small stage area with some fun lighting to make everyone feel like a star. Put together a playlist with a wide range of songs, like hits from the past and present, to make sure there is something for everyone. 

Spa Day

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Turn your home into a tranquil retreat for a day. Hire professionals to come in for massages, facials, and mani-pedis. Set the mood with scented candles, soft music, and a spread of healthy snacks and drinks. It is a day for unwinding, chatting, and pampering – a chance to relax and recharge.

Sports Game Outing

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If the birthday person is a sports fan, make it a day to remember. Get custom jerseys or hats made for the group, and organize a tailgate party with all their favorite game-day foods. If you cannot make it to a live game, set up a great viewing area at home or rent out a space at a sports bar. 

Craft Beer Tasting

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For this, you can collaborate with a local brewery or beer expert to select a variety of interesting beers to taste. Provide information about each beer – where it is from, how it is made, and what makes it special. You can also pair each beer with a perfect little bite that complements its flavor. 

Photo Booth Fun

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Go all out with a photo booth setup. Have a variety of backdrops and props that tie into the birthday person’s interests or life milestones. Include some techy options like GIF makers or instant social media posting to add a modern twist. It is a fun way to capture memories of the day.

Surprise Trip

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Plan a getaway to a place they have always wanted to visit. Think about all the details, like making sure the destination is a surprise or packing essentials they might forget. Try throwing some little hints or themed gifts leading up to the big reveal. It is an adventure they will not see coming and will never forget.


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