Alternatives to Easter Basket Candy


The Easter Bunny is visiting households all over the country this weekend, which means it’s time to break out your fat day pants and prepare for the loathing and self-hatred that comes along with this spring holiday. Sneaking your child’s Easter candy into the bedroom to eat it while she’s not looking is nothing to be proud of – even though we all do it. Instead of feeling the guilt and shame of the Easter sugar high, find a healthier way to celebrate this particular holiday.


Skip the buckets of candy and encourage your “Easter Bunny” to place paper products in your children’s Easter baskets. This might include anything from coloring books to stickers and even books they might enjoy reading. Trust me; it’s far easier to peel unwanted stickers from your walls than it is to look at yourself in the mirror after devouring four pounds of junk food you stole from your unsuspecting child.

Outdoor Toys

Instead of making a traditional Easter basket this year, theme it with an outdoor basket that’s actually a beach pail. Fill it with jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, bubbles and other toys the kids can play with in the backyard. If you have a pool, include pool toys. Put a swimsuit in there for beach trips and pool days if you want. It’s a cute idea that’s far more fun and functional than an upset tummy and denying requests to have just “one more piece.”


If your kids are old enough to appreciate things other than junk food, give them clothing. Girls, particularly, will enjoy this. Pick out a few outfits that they would love and fill the basket with new shoes, headbands and accessories they can wear on Easter Sunday, to school, or to play in when they’re at home to eliminate the chocolate overload.

(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)


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