Alternative Hostess Gift Ideas

The holiday season means you’ll be spending plenty of time attending holiday parties. That means finding the perfect holiday dress, a sitter for the kids, and hostess gifts for the different hostess’ whose homes you are visiting for parties. It would be great if one gift was enough for all hostesses, but what do you get the hostess who doesn’t like wine or is allergic to flowers? To answer that question, you can pick up any number of items from this list of suggestions.

Traditional Hostess Gifts

For the traditional hostess, a bottle of good wine is usually the perfect hostess gift. A bouquet of lovely flowers is also a good gift. If you are attending a party for a friend or relative who you know loves vodka, grab a bottle. The perfect gift is the one you know the hostess will love, even if it may seem inappropriate to some.

For the Hostess Who Loves to Cook

For the hostess with the most, try picking up a little something for her that will mean something. If she loves to cook, she probably loves to receive different items for her kitchen. A bottle of cutting board oil is a gift that will help her keep her boards and knives sharp and in perfect condition.

Creative Gifts

For the hostess who loves to host but doesn’t like to cook, you can opt for something she can always use, which is a bread warmer. This lovely terra cotta warmer is decorative and stays warm enough to keep the bread she is serving fresh and tasty throughout the evening.

Of course, you can always shop for your hostess to choose whatever you want, but sometimes and unexpected suggestion is exactly what you need to find the perfect hostess gift. If you plan on attending a lot of holiday parties this year, you should also consider ordering a case of wine. These other suggestions are for those who don’t drink.


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