There Are Surprising Advantages Of Being Kind To Others

We know that kindness is something that makes the world just a little brighter.  But there are surprising advantages to being kind that you may have never considered before.

Being kind to others is really a way we are being kind to yourselves.  Have you ever noticed that you feel better about yourself when you take the time to do a kindness for someone else?  It tends to put us in a better mood for the rest of the day and make us want to be kind to even more individuals we encounter.

You are cultivating compassion toward others within yourself.  You will find when you are being kind to others that you actually begin to care more about them and others.  As you become more compassionate toward others, a side benefit is that you will find you like yourself more.

It sets a good example for your children.  I am a full believer that parenting is more caught than taught meaning you can lecture and talk all day long but your children are more likely to imitate the behaviors you live before them than how you tell them to act.  When they see you being kind to others, you will be planting seeds of a desire to spread kindness in your children and that is something all mothers want their children to do.

You never know when the person you are being kind to will be in a position where they will repay you.  I am a total believer in karma.  Being kind is a way that you are investing in the world around you and ensuring that good things will come back to you.  You never know what the person you are kind to might be a position someday where they could offer you a job or be kind to you in your time of need.


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