There Are Many Advantages In Complimenting Someone

There are many advantages in complimenting someone, both for you and the recipient of the compliment.  Compliments are a wonderful thing to give to someone because it is a free gift that can really brighten someone’s day.

One advantage of complimenting someone is that you are really making their day better with very little effort.  You can make them smile and have a more positive outlook simply by complimenting them.  This helps to build their self confidence and feel better about themselves, as well.

Another advantage of complimenting someone is that it makes you feel better as a person.  Complimenting someone is something that you don’t have to do.  However, when you do, not only have you given the gift of the compliment to the recipient but you yourself feel like a kinder, more caring person for putting forth that little effort.  You both feel better and it cost you nothing but a moment of your time.

One little rule about compliments.  They should always be genuine.  There is nothing worse than receiving a compliment and knowing that it was not sincere.  It makes you question the motives of the person giving the compliment and may even make them suspicious of the person.

While you certainly don’t want to give insincere compliments, try complimenting someone every day.  It is just one little way to make the world a little brighter.  It is a little random act of kindness.  There are many things that you can compliment people about.  You can compliment someone’s appearance, personality or even their work ethic.  All the different areas of a person’s life are valuable so why not compliment all of them?

For some help on how to give a great compliment, you may find this article interesting by  It is titled “How To Give A Great Compliment.”


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