A Few Ways To Live Happier

Women are notorious for their sensitivity. We can’t help but take it personally when someone is disappointed in us, when someone doesn’t like us, or when we feel that we’ve done something wrong. Here’s the deal; we need to get over that. I used to spend my time worried about what other people thought until I realized that I was spending so much time making other people happy that I forgot to make myself happy. With a few simple rules, I was able to transform my thoughts into something different; I no longer care what others think of me, I’m just happy making myself happy.

Stop Caring

It’s not easy to stop caring, but reminding yourself regularly that there’s nothing you can do about how other people think of you will help. You will never be the person that everyone in the world loves; someone is always going to dislike you. Stop worrying about it, because as long as you like you, no one else matters.

You Can’t Change Anyone’s Mind

Some people don’t like you simply because you are not their type of person; those people will leave you alone, not bother you, and honestly never even think about you. Then there are people who don’t like you because they are unhappy with themselves and see something in you that they envy. Those people will do whatever they can to think poorly of you, which means if they hear something about you that’s negative, they’re going to believe that no matter what you do. You can’t change someone’s mind when they want to think negatively of you, so stop trying; and stop caring.

As Long as You Are Happy, Nothing Else Matters

My life motto is that as long as I’m happy being me, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Of course, I love that my husband loves this about me, and that I make him happy. He would never want me to change, so I’m happy to make myself happy, and part of making myself happy is making my husband and my kids happy. As long as myself, my kids, and my husband are happy with our life, I don’t care what anyone else thinks.


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