A Challenge to Help You Find More Joy This Year

If one thing about life is certain, it’s that I’ve never understood New Year’s resolutions. Let me clarify; I understand wanting to make positive changes, but I don’t understand making a long list of them on the last day of the year and expecting to succeed at them starting the next day. I’m more of a change it when you realize it’s not working for me kind of woman. I don’t care if it’s the New Year or July, if I want to make a change, I don’t wait for January first. However, since so many people do like to make resolutions – and forget them in a few weeks – I thought I could encourage you to make one that’s reasonable and easy enough to make work. I challenge you to spend this year finding more joy in your life. I can promise you that a year from now you will be a better person for it.

Forget the Past

You can’t change it, so why are you worried about it? Here’s the thing about the past; too many people keep holding onto it and preventing themselves from enjoying the present and making the future more positive. You cannot change the past so do this instead; cherish the good memories and learn from your mistakes. Stop feeling stupid or embarrassed over past mistakes; take a note from them to never do that again and put it away forever. You’ll find more joy in today when you’re not still obsessing over yesterday.

Practice Appreciation

Sure, you want a new pair of Louboutins and a bigger house, but what about those gorgeous vintage Jimmy Choo’s and your adorable little bungalow? At one time, you wanted what you have desperately. Stop thinking about how it is not enough and practice having gratitude for what you already have. It’s a much more joyful way to live.

Love Yourself

Guess what? You hate your thighs, I hate my arms. When I mention how much I hate my arms, there are endless eye rolls and narrowed eyes and, “You are so thin, what’s to hate about your body?!” It doesn’t matter how thin I am or how healthy I am, I hate my arms, but you know what? I’m learning to love them because no one else notices how horrid they are but me. Everyone else is so worried about their own arms or their own legs or their own curly-wish-it-was-straight hair that they don’t have the time to see my flaws, and I’m a much happier person now that I realize that.

Ditch the Negative People in Your Life

I don’t care how much you love your college roommate. If all she does is complain and drag you down, get rid of her. You can’t have a happy, positive life if you’re surrounded by negative people. Move on, honey.


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