Real Life Habits That Cost More Than We Think

bad habits that cost money

We talk a lot about saving money, and how you can do it. We offer standard savings tips, credit card advice, savings advice and so much more. But sometimes it takes a real-life moment for me to remember that sometimes it is our daily habits that can cost us more than we might imagine. I often think to myself that if I cook at home, don’t go to the store during the day and do not order anything online that day that I have not spent any money. However, that’s not entirely accurate. Sometimes I’m spending money without even realizing it, and it’s not something most of us even realize. So, what little mistakes are most of us making throughout the day that are costing us a fortune? Read on to find out so we can all stop.

Picking our battles with the kids

Listen, I have four; they’re 7, 5 and the twins are 2. I know that battle-picking is imperative if you want to remain sane and even remotely patient. However, every single time a parent allows their kids to skip brushing their teeth to prevent a meltdown or to get out of the house on time, every time you let your kid take a drink to bed and they wet it, every time you cave and get the kid a balloon or candy in the checkout line in the store; you’re busting your budget. Every missed tooth brush time is a potential cavity and huge dental bills. Every wet bed is a load of laundry and energy used. And the gifts at checkout is pretty self-explanatory.

Staying up late

Not only am I a royal grump when I don’t get to bed no later than 9:30-10 pm (what? I get up at 5 and I know I need my sleep), I waste energy. Any time my husband and I stay up late, it’s the television on, lights on; things that increase our utility bill. It might not be that big a deal once or twice, but it is when it’s every single night. Additionally, when I’m tired, I’m less likely to get up on time the following morning and I am not nearly as productive with my work or my parenting skills. That’s a huge waste.

Relaxing in the shower

I love a long, hot shower. When I’m not feeling well, when I’m stressed or when I’m a little bit cold, I will get into my big spa-like shower and just relish the scalding hot water. I love it. It makes me happy. It also increases our water bill and it also increases our energy bill, which is why I should save this for special occasions instead of every single day.

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