5 Things That Used to be Lame but are Now Awesome as an Adult


Now that we are adults, we tend to think of things a bit differently. Growing up we likely viewed things in life as being a bit less than awesome, but as we grow our opinions change. Things that were once stupid and pointless to our teenage and childlike minds are suddenly amazing and beautiful. The things we did not appreciate growing up are so amazing right now. And the things we thought were lame as kids are actually kind of the most awesome things in the world now that we are adults. Perspective is, as they say, something we gain with experience. And the years are our experience. Look back on where you were a year ago and think how much you’ve grown and how much you’ve changed. And now think back to a decade ago – or a lot longer than that in my case – and remember what you thought of things as a teen. Remember what you thought of things and consider how you think of them now. I don’t know about you, but my perspective has certainly changed, and I now view these once lame things as really awesome.

My Mom

When I was growing up, she was the lamest person on the planet. A teacher, she was always there. Always. She knew everything before I practically had time to experience it, and I hated it. Now I appreciate her and love her, and I’m grateful for her for being my mom.

Lazy Days at Home

Growing up these were so lame. I could not fathom why my parents wanted to lie around the house working in the garden, cooking breakfast and doing other ‘boring’ things on a weekend. Now I get it; it’s because every other night, day and moment of our lives is so busy that we cannot even rest for a second. Those lazy days are the best. My kids hate them.


What is that? Quiet time is so not overrated. It’s so underrated. The sound of quiet moments in my house are few and far between with four kids, and I miss those days. I thought it was so lame growing up when there wasn’t music or friends or people or talking or television, and now I relish the moments there is absolute silence in my life.

Family Vacations

I hated family vacations. HATED them. I couldn’t think of anything worse growing up, and now I love them. I mean, I really love the ones my husband and I take alone or with our friends, but I also love taking my kids to new and exciting places. Perhaps it’s because they still think it’s exciting and they’re not over it yet, but I don’t care. I love family vacations now.

Early Nights

Curfew was the worst growing up. As an adult, I cannot think of one single thing I need to do past 9 pm and I want to be home, in my pajamas with a glass of wine and my husband while our kids sleep. And that brings me to bed time – I hated it. It was lame. My kids are in bed at 7 pm every single night. I love bed time.

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