5 Questions Successful People Ask Themselves Every Day


The true successes of the world do things differently than those who are not as successful. Those who are successful wake up each day with success on their mind and doubt nowhere in their vocabulary. Successful people routinely take stock of where they are in life, what they can do better, and where they can go from here. Successful people wake up each morning and ask themselves five very important questions. Take their advice and watch yourself become more successful each day.

How Do I Want to Change the World?

When you wake up in the morning, ask yourself what you want to do that day to make an impact on the world? Do you want to make someone smile? Do you want to make someone proud? Do you want to do something memorable and inspiring? Whatever it is you answer, do it. It’s what successful people do.

Where am I Wrong?

Everyone is wrong at some point. When you wake up in the morning and ask this question, it’s not a negative. It’s a positive. It gives you something to fix, something to improve and something to prove. It gives you a reason to do that much better and make that much more of an impression.

Am I Failing Better?

There is no success in life without failure. It’s just the honest-to-God truth. However, if you wake up in the morning and ask yourself if you’re failing better, you’re already succeeding. You see, when you fail, you learn a lesson and you try again. If you fail again, you have to ask if that was a better failure or a worse one. It puts you on the right path and in the right direction.

What Am I Going to do that Scares Me Today?

You should do something that scares you every single day of your life. Doing something that scares you is important, because it teaches you to grow. It helps you face your fears and it teaches you to grow as a person, and as a success. This is especially true in your professional life. If you’re not doing something scary every day, you’re not challenging yourself.

What’s My Game Plan?

You can’t reach your goals without a game plan. A game plan is one that allows you to reach your goals, to make yourself better and to put you on the path to success. If you don’t ask yourself about the plan each day, you’re never going to accomplish anything.

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