3 Ways to Silence That Rude Inner Voice

She’s that little voice you hear as you stare in the mirror in the midst of thinking about how fabulous you look. She says, “You don’t look fabulous. Your thighs are too fat. Everyone is going to notice. By the way, you aren’t going to get that promotion.” She’s a major you-know-what and a complete figment of your imagination – or that one girl from high school who you swear moved into your mind sometime during college – and you cannot get rid of her. Well, now you can. Here are three steps that will help you silence your inner critic.

Box it Up

When your inner critic starts telling you that you aren’t worth it, take her words, write them down and put them in a box. Or a Ziploc bag or toss them in the fireplace; it doesn’t really matter what you do with them as long as you get them out and get rid of them. Toss them. Burn them. Do whatever you want to shut that one up.

Turn it Around

When your inner voice tells you that you’re too stupid to get something done the right way, turn her words around into something a little more positive. Instead of thinking you are stupid and letting that voice convince you of that, change her words so that you’re thinking that you are a little worried you might not be able to complete this in time, but that you will do your best.

Compare the Voice to Your Best Friend

While your little inner voice may tell you how hideous you are, take her words and compare them to what your best friend would say. If your voice is talking about your massive thighs, ask yourself what your best friend would say in retaliation. She’d probably tell your little voice to shut up because you are totally gorgeous.


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