3 Tips to Make You a Better Driver

Simply because you’re not to blame for any accidents or you’ve never had a speeding ticket does not automatically make you a stellar driver. Even a good driver makes mistakes on the road that can cause accidents and/or put your safety at risk. In fact, there are some driving tips that make drivers realize just how little they know. Read on to find out how best to stay safe on the road with these simple – but often unknown or forgotten – driving tips.

No View of Your Car

Many people have no idea that their own vehicle should not be even remotely visible in their side mirrors – I didn’t. However, you should not be able to see your car at all. This helps to eliminate your blind spots and make driving safer for everyone. While you can’t eliminate your blind spot this way, you have to minimize it by keeping your own vehicle out of sight.

Pay Attention to Traffic

While the signs along the side of the road are very, very important to driving, it’s not what you should pay most attention to. You should actually spend more time paying attention to the traffic around you. After all, it doesn’t matter if the speed limit is 70 when the rest of the people on the road are driving 35. You have to know what’s going on around you to be the safest.

Use Your Headlights

Many people have no idea they need their headlights on at all times. Most people assume that they only need them in the rain or the dark, but you actually need them at all times. Most cars have automatic headlights anymore, but older vehicles do not. If yours doesn’t, make it a habit to turn them on the second you get into the car. It’s a safety measure that could save your life.

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