3 Things You Must Add to Your To-Do List

If you’re one of the productive people who creates a to-do list of things that must be accomplished today or tomorrow, you rock. Unfortunately, your to-do list is probably pretty boring consisting of things like pick up the dry cleaning and take the dog to the vet. These things don’t make you happy; they make you productive, but not happy. Try adding things to your to-do list that will make you a happier, better person.

Be Kind
Make it a point to add kindness to your to-do list today. That’s right; when you are kind to someone else it makes you feel good. How can you not feel good crossing “be kind” off your list at the end of the day because you were kind enough to help a mom with a couple of toddlers load her groceries into the trunk of her car while she loaded up the kids in the pouring rain? Really, being kind will make you happier and better.

Let it Go
When you add a note to let go of things you cannot change to your to-do list, you are making a note to ensure your day is happier and more productive. If your list consists of outdoor errands that are going to be difficult to finish in the pouring rain, let it go. Being angry over something you cannot change isn’t doing anything but causing stress and unhappiness. Worry only about what you can make different.

Be Positive
When you add positivity to your to-do list, you’re guaranteeing that your day will go a certain way. For example, if you are feeling down because your to-do list seems awfully long all of a sudden, ignore that awful feeling and simply focus on the positive aspect of crossing things off, even if it’s not as fast as you’d like.


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