3 Things Women Must Make More Time to Enjoy

It’s this time of year that’s busier than just about any other time of, well, your life, but there are certain things that women must take a time out to enjoy. As women, we tend to have a bad habit of putting most everyone else before ourselves. While in theory this is fine (I mean, your husband and kids and family do deserve your best) it’s not okay that women rarely make time to prioritize ourselves and give ourselves the best. Here are three things every woman should consider adding to her New Year’s Resolution list.


What’s more relaxing and satisfying than becoming lost in a wonderful novel? The answer is that few things in life are this satisfying. Even if you can only afford to spend a few minutes each day with a good book in hand, you should do it. Make it a goal to spend more time reading and less time playing on the computer, your phone or your iPad.


Women love their friends; but they tend to spend more time texting and emailing than they do in person. It’s because we’re women; we’re busy. In this coming year, women should make more time to spend in person with the people they love the most. Instead of gossiping through email and text messaging, gossip in person. Talk about your latest love interest, your new baby, your job, your fun history traveling together – whatever you want. Just do it in person.


It’s on everyone’s resolution list, but it’s really more important than just making time to exercise for a better body. It’s about making time to exercise for a better life. All you have to do is exercise for approximately 150 minutes per week (just over 21 minutes per day) to achieve great health that will benefit you throughout your life. You’ll look better, feel better and actually provide yourself with a lower risk of certain illnesses and diseases.

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