3 Things to Stop Doing that are Affecting Your Life Negatively

As women we are offered a lot of advice regarding what we should do to make life better/improve our marriages/be better mothers or friends or wives or daughters; what we don’t hear a lot of is what we should stop doing to make our lives better. In fact, sometimes just telling us what to stop doing is a far more effective method of help than telling us what to do. Think about it; you could say, “You need to stand up straight, put your shoulders back, hold your head up high and extend your neck,” or you could simply say, “Stop slouching,” because the rest falls right into place. Here are three things we all need to stop doing to make our lives better.


Absolutely right this second we all need to stop apologizing for every little thing – you know you’re guilty of this from time to time. How many times have you apologized to someone in the store because they cut you off? You don’t have to apologize because you did not do anything wrong.

Questioning Compliments

It’s a dirty little habit we women possess, questioning compliments. We need to stop. The next time someone offers you a compliment let’s all practice saying, “Thank you.” Rather than saying something like, “Really? I feel like such a mess in this or I just got over the flu and I’m feeling like a train wreck today,” just thank someone for their kind words and accept their compliment as genuine and kind. Oh, and take some time to enjoy it!

Comparing Yourself to Others

How many women spend time on Facebook or Instagram wondering why they can’t be as perfect or thin or gorgeous or amazing as that woman you barely even know? Plenty of them. It’s time to stop comparing yourself and start remembering that other people’s lives are a vision of what they want you to see; you don’t know what’s going on inside their lives. The woman you want so badly to be could be completely miserable or faking it all.


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