3 Things Every Relationship Needs to Succeed

People are always wondering what it is they need in a relationship. What do you need in a relationship? Do you have a list of qualities you simply cannot live without in any relationship? Many men and women do have a list. This list qualifies what is and is not important in a relationship; it doesn’t have to be a tangible list to be a real list. However, some of the things on your list might be more important than others when it comes to a relationship. Here are three things you absolutely must look for in a relationship.

Similar Goals and Interests

It cannot be said enough; if you do not have the same life goals, your relationship is doomed from the start. If you want kids and he hates kids; it’s not going to work. If he loves living in a small town next door to his mom because she cooks his dinner every night and packs his lunch for work every single day and he works for his mom and dad and you love the city, traveling and want to live in a foreign country some day; it’s probably not going to work. Make sure you both want the same things out of life.

A Thankful Partner

When your man is thankful for you each and every day, he’s a keeper. He’s less likely to go out looking for someone else to make him grateful, to abuse substances and to treat you poorly. He’ll treat you like a priority and he’ll spend every day counting his blessings. That’s the kind of man you want (oh, and that’s the kind of woman you should become).

A Communicator

You need communication in a relationship. While it’s probably not difficult for you to communicate, you need to make sure your man feels the same way. Many relationships last because both parties are willing to talk it out.


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