3 Simple Ways Friends Support One Another

Life without friends is boring. Great friends make the best family and spending your life without great friends is pointless. To thank your great friends for being so amazing, your job is to be supportive. Being supportive is crucial to any good relationship, and sometimes that means supporting your friends even when you might not agree with them.


Listening is the greatest form of support. Sometimes your friends don’t want advice or wise words; they just want you to close your mouth and open your ears until they get something off of their chest. There’s nothing wrong with having nothing to say in return. Listening is a really amazing habit we should all be so fortunate to embody.

Call Just to Say Hi

When you know your friends are having a bad day, call just to check in, to say hi or just to tell a funny joke. Knowing that you are there for them is a priceless piece of knowledge. Even if you have no advice, don’t agree with their decisions or you just don’t know what to say; just calling to say, “Hey, I just wanted to let you know I’m thinking about you and I love you,” is all it takes to be a truly supportive friend.

Distraction Helps

When your friend is particularly in need of your support, distract her. If it means planning a weekend of fun out of town to distract her from the issues she’s having with her man or her family, do it. Being supportive can sometimes mean helping your friend remember that there are always good times in life, even when the bad ones seem overwhelming. Being a good friend to your friends is what makes them want to continue your friendship and call you a special part of their life forever.


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