3 Reasons Crying is Good for You

Crying is not a sign of weakness. Unfortunately, many men and women think that it is. Crying, in fact, is a beneficial part of life. It’s something that can cause you to see a situation more clearly, to feel better and to work through problems. It doesn’t indicate that you can’t handle what life throws your way; it indicates that you’re strong enough to admit that sometimes you don’t have all the answers and that sometimes you’re willing to admit to being overwhelmed. Here are three reasons crying is beneficial.

Crying Helps You Feel Better

If ever you’ve cried over something, you might have noticed that you tend to feel better after a crying bout. For some reason, it’s like the tears you shed wash away your fears and doubts and stress and you suddenly feel much better. Why is this? I have no idea. All I know is that crying is a beneficial because it has a way of making you feel better.

Crying Helps You See More Clearly

When you cry, you tend to see things more clearly afterward. It’s as if the confusion and stress of what you’re dealing with is shed from your mind and you’re given the ability through the fog that was your stress. Clarity is a good thing.

Crying Makes You Stronger

When life becomes overwhelming and you’re not sure how you’re going to handle it, it’s okay. Crying it out is a good way to make yourself stronger. Holding on to your tears and fighting the urge to cry can actually make you feel worse. Breaking down is a way to admit to yourself that you are human and it does help you feel stronger and more in control of your life. The lesson here is to let go; cry when you need to and cry when you want to. There’s no shame; it’s a sign of strength.

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