3 Excellent Pieces of Advice to Keep Life Simple

People are just full of advice. They want to tell you how to raise your baby, how to do your hair, how to plan your wedding, how to pump your gas; they truly have something to say about everything (guilty…). While some advice is great, other advice is questionable. While I personally like to take the good and make it my own, sometimes I come across advice that’s just impossible to ignore. I’m guilty of occasionally taking the easy and turning it into something more complicated and this advice is some that I am all too happy to take and to pass along to hopefully help someone else.

Have Questions?

Whether someone is giving you instructions or trying to explain something to you if you have questions, ask them. Not asking questions to make things clear or to clarify what you’re hearing can lead to a lot of complication and a lot of anxiety. Just ask.

Love Someone?

Too often we don’t say what’s in our hearts because we think we have plenty of time to say it. You never know how much time you have left with someone, and if you love them you need to tell them now. Trust me, I never end a phone call or let someone leave my house without telling them I love them. You just never know. Plus, it makes you a lot happier when you say what’s in your heart.

Dislike Something?

There is no reason you have to go through life constantly dealing with things you dislike. If you hate mashed potatoes and your mother-in-law serves them every time she has you over for dinner, just tell her – politely – that you’ve never liked them and that you’d rather not eat them and it has nothing to do with her cooking. You’ll feel a lot better, she’ll feel a lot better and everyone will be happy.


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