3 Easy Ways to Take a Time Out

Your kids are being nuts, your husband is oblivious to the fact that there is more to helping out around the house than just doing the laundry and your current schedule is so busy that you cannot even find time to breathe; you obviously need a time out. Sometimes women find it hard to admit that they need a time out because we feel so much pressure to be perfect and on top of our game all the time. However, if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that a time out is the most effective way to calm down, relax, rejuvenate and prevent me from shipping my kids and husband off to boarding school (do they even take husbands?).

Take a Walk

I don’t feel too overwhelmed too often (perhaps because as a mom, wife and writer who works from home with two kids and a husband always in my personal space I forgot what it’s like to not feel overwhelmed?) but I like to think it’s because I make a point to take a walk as often as possible. I firmly believe that walking helps me clear my head, push the aggravations of the day away and relaxes me enough to tackle my schedule with renewed vigor. Try it.

Get Out

Whether it’s with my husband or with my girlfriends, I like to get out at least every other week. Usually, it’s with my husband and our friends (we are lucky to have the best ones) but any variation of the above works for me. It never fails to surprise me what two or three hours of adult time with people I love, a lot of laughter and a couple glasses of wine can do to make me appreciate all that I have when it seems to overwhelm me.


Sometimes the best thing to do is just write about it. I firmly believe that a journal is the best way to go for anyone, and I always recommend it to anyone who asks. What I like to do is balance out my journal. If I’m feeling overwhelmed and in the mood to complain, I’ll get it out. However, on the next page, I’ll list the things that I am thankful and grateful for to remind myself that even when things aren’t going my way or are too much for me at the moment, I have a lot to be thankful for. It helps to put things into perspective and remind me that it’s never really that bad.


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