The $2 Product That Saves You Thousands of Dollars Every Year


Vaseline; it’s kind of the cure-all for life. I remember growing up we always had it at home. My grandmother used it for everything at her house, and somehow that trend passed down to my mom and dad and it was something I grew up with. The thing is that it works for everything. Being a bit younger than my parents and my grandmother, it’s always humorous to them when I use Desitin or other diaper cream on my baby’s bottoms. They always tell me I don’t need anything pricey or trendy; I just need Vaseline for diaper rash and other bottom issues. They tell me I need it for this, and that and for everything in between; and they are pretty much right.

Vaseline is all of $2 at the supermarket, and it’s the most versatile thing any of us might own. I have some in my bathroom, in my girls’ bathroom downstairs, in the twins’ bathroom upstairs and in the medicine cabinet in the kitchen (Oh, you do need your medicine cabinet in the kitchen since you are ruining it in the heat of the bathroom). If you don’t know how beneficial it is to have Vaseline in the house – let me teach you. It’s the last expensive thing you might own, but it’s the most effective, and it’s the best money-saving item you can possibly have in the house.

Diaper issues

Do you have kids? I do; I have four. My twins are two and they’re still in diapers (though as long as we keep trying to extend that time and make it last even longer, it’s pretty much to the point we have to start potty training them right now as they’re there….we are terrified). Our babies both have very bad reactions to blueberries and grapes – the acidity, we believe. They love them, but we have to be very quick to change them when they have a little diaper incident after eating either or their rashes blister and become awful. A quick change with virtually no time with that in their diaper, however, and they’re fine.

We use Vaseline to help clear up their diaper rashes and skin issues, as it helps them clear up so much faster. It just keeps everything off their bottoms throughout the day, which allows their skin to clear up so much faster. It lasts so much longer, is so much less messy and it smells so much better than diaper cream.

Better lashes

I know how much I spend on false lashes and expensive mascara, and I imagine you might be the same? If you coat your lashes with Vaseline before bed, you can make them stronger, longer and lusher. Additionally, it will remove all the excess mascara that your makeup remover could not do on its own.

Bye bye wrinkles

Do you have laugh lines and wrinkles? I do; I laugh a lot. If you really want to make those lines look a lot less obvious and your skin look smoother as a whole, put Vaseline on them each night before bed. My grandmother is 98 and people always think she’s in her 60s. She is just lovely and she is perfect, and she uses Vaseline religiously. She doesn’t need expensive facial products when she can make herself even more gorgeous with her Vaseline.

Gorgeous toes

I love a good pedicure, but I don’t always need one. I might need new polish, but my feet don’t necessarily need the care that comes along with a pedicure. I put Vaseline on my feet a few times a week, put fuzzy socks on and go to bed like that. It helps keep my feet soft and sweet, and I always feel so much more comfortable no matter how often I wear heels and destroy my feet with gorgeous – but highly impractical – shoes.


I won’t lie; I love lotion. I’m simple; hand me something from Bath and Body Works that smells like the season (vanilla now that it’s September and something apple or pumpkin in October) and I’m good to go. However, Vaseline is the best for your knees and elbows and any other dry skin you might have. It’s going to keep your skin moisturized, which makes it’s look better.


Just like it works to keep your toes looking good all the time, Vaseline is great for your manicure, too. I have a nasty habit of picking at my cuticles when I don’t have something in my hand (which is why I’m always drinking coffee or wine) and I use Vaseline to moisturize them and make myself look that much better. It’s helpful regularly, and it’s especially helpful when you don’t have time for a manicure before an event. Try it and you will love it, I promise.

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