15 Ways to Become a Better Person


Perusing pinterest and seeing the different inspirational quotes and the tips on being a better person and living a better life has led me to believe that most of us have one goal in common; we want to be better people. You may want to make a small change that makes you feel you’re living a better existence. You might want to be a better role model for your kids or you might just want to completely remake your life and finally because the person you’ve always wanted to be. Read on to find out 15 different ways you can be a better person.


Be Kind

It doesn’t matter if it’s the woman checking you out at the supermarket, the man who is always a little rude to you in the elevator or the person to whom you want to make a good impression; just be kind. Be kind to everyone. Be kind to those who cannot do anything for you and those who are not kind to you – they’re probably the ones who are most in need of your kindness.


Be Selfless

It’s okay to be a little selfish from time to time – we’re all entitled to a little “me” time and a little reward simply for living this long without committing any major crimes. However, in the general rule of being a better person, try being selfless a lot more than you are selfish.


Love the Loveless

When you don’t think someone is worthy of your love, love them anyway. It’s something that will make you a better person.


Let Your Actions Speak

Don’t just say you want to be a better person. Be one. Let your actions prove that you mean what you say and that’s when you will finally feel like a better person.


Let Someone Merge

If you really want to feel kind, let someone merge in front of you in traffic. Do it even when you’re in a hurry, when you are obeying all the traffic rules and even when the other person sped up in the ending lane until the last possible second and then put his blinker on like he deserves to get in front of you. He may be annoying, but you will really feel like a good person letting him in.


Say No

Saying yes when you don’t to or cannot do something is not cool. If you don’t want to do something, politely decline. You won’t feel that anger and resentment and regret that often come with agreeing to something you don’t want. Saying no can make you a better person.


Say a Prayer

The next time you are in a hurry and a traffic accident causes traffic to stop for what feels like forever, don’t sit there and get mad. Sit there and pray for the people affected by the accident. You never know if they are seriously injured or simply in need of prayer.


Do the Right Thing

Even if no one is looking, do the right thing. It not only makes you a better person, it makes you feel like a better person.


Call Just Because

Too often we text or pick up the phone to call someone we love because we need something. We should take a few minutes to get in touch just to say hello or “I love you”.


Accept Criticism

Compliments and praise are nice, but what lesson do they teach? Instead of getting upset with criticism, realize that it is an educational tool and allow yourself to learn from it. Praise is good, but criticism helps you grow.


Be Patient

You cannot achieve a better life in a matter of minutes. You have to be patient with yourself and allow yourself to change gradually. Don’t feel like a failure if you forget to be a better person tomorrow. Just start over.


Be Willing to Accept Change

Not just change in general, but be open to changing your mind about your views and opinions as you learn more about the opposing side.


Accept Others

Who cares if someone is different than you, has different dreams or doesn’t agree with you all the time? Accept people for their differences. After all, that’s what makes people so great.


Be Courageous

Stand up for what is right and don’t let anything make you afraid of that. Sometimes it’s easy to ignore things that you know aren’t right because you don’t want to cause a stir, but too often the worst people are the ones that ignore these things simply because they are not courageous enough to stand up for what is right.


Be Thankful

Being a better person means being happy with what you have, who you are and those in your life. Additional things, accomplishments and changes won’t make you happier if you don’t learn to give thanks for what you already have.


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