15 Traditions Gen Z is Reshaping


In a world where trends come and go faster than ever, it’s no surprise that Gen X, the generation sandwiched between the Baby Boomers and Millennials, has a thing or two to say about the habits and customs being reshaped by their successors, Gen Z. From technology to social norms, Gen Z’s influence is undeniable. Here’s a candid look at 20 things Gen X believes Gen Z is changing or killing off.

Traditional Cable TV

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Gen Z is increasingly forgoing traditional cable TV subscriptions and embracing on-demand streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. These platforms’ draw of ad-free content and customizable viewing schedules distinguishes them from conventional TV, reflecting a shift towards personalized and flexible entertainment consumption among younger demographics.

Casual Dating

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Traditional dating norms are undergoing a revolution as Gen Z prefers casual and non-monogamous relationships, facilitated by the plethora of options available on dating apps. This shift challenges conventions, ushering in an era of romantic exploration and freedom.

Print Media

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Gone are those days when print media reigned supreme. Gen Z’s preference for digital content has dimmed the once vibrant world of newspapers and magazines, causing nostalgia for an era when they were the mainstay of information and entertainment.

Mass Market Beer

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Beer was once a universal favorite drink, but Gen Z’s liking for craft beer and artisanal beverages is reshaping the industry. Some Gen Xers long for the days when mass-produced beer was the beverage of choice, reminiscing about its cold, refreshing taste and widespread popularity.

Traditional Banking

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With the surge of digital banking and mobile payment apps, Gen Z is redefining the way we manage our finances. This is leading some Gen Xers to question the future of traditional banking institutions and prompting them to explore alternative financial solutions for the modern era.

Email as Mainstay Communication


The dominance of instant messaging platforms like Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Instagram has reshaped everyday communication, leading Gen Z to view email as too slow or formal for casual chats. Platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams reign supreme in professional settings, signaling a shift towards real-time, collaborative work environments.

Traditional 9-to-5 Jobs

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Gen Z’s pursuit of flexibility and work-life balance is shifting the workplace landscape. Preferring freelance gigs and remote work over traditional 9-to-5 jobs, they challenge the future of office dynamics, prompting reflection among some Gen Xers on the evolving nature of work.

Retail Shopping

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While Gen X fondly remembers weekend trips to the mall, Gen Z prefers the convenience of online shopping. With e-commerce giants like Amazon dominating the retail landscape, a shift has highlighted the changes in consumer behaviors.

Traditional Career Paths

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The entrepreneurial spirit and emphasis on passion over stability have led to a shift away from traditional career paths. The rise of gig economy jobs and freelancing have led to deviation from linear career paths. This generation values autonomy and creativity that transcend the confines of traditional employment structures.


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Gen Z’s skepticism towards traditional advertising has pushed brands to adopt more authentic and transparent marketing strategies, such as influencer partnerships, user-generated content campaigns, and interactive experiences that resonate better with this audience.

Traditional Education

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Traditional education faces challenges as Gen Z embraces online learning and experiential education, promoting educators to integrate technology and adapting teaching methods to meet evolving needs. Also, the rising education costs and a shift away from conventional career paths lead Gen Z to seek alternatives like online courses, boot camps, and certifications.

Casual Dining Chains

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Casual dining chains don’t hold the same appeal for Gen Z as they did for Gen X. With a preference for healthier, more diverse food options, Gen Z is steering away from the standard fare offered by casual dining chains, leaving Gen X to reminisce over the decline of once-beloved restaurants.

Casual Wear

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Casual wear is more than just clothes; it’s a lifestyle. They embrace the freedom to mix and match, blurring traditional fashion boundaries. Unlike Gen X, who may have favored structured attire, Gen Z values comfort and self-expression, creating effortlessly cool looks that reflect their dynamic personalities.

Traditional Sports


Their diverse interests and digital connectivity have led to declining traditional sports involvement. Esports and alternative fitness endeavors are gaining popularity, reflecting a cultural shift towards non-traditional sports pursuits among this generation’s ever-changing interests and tech-savvy ways.


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Privacy is evolving in the digital age. Gen Z’s open attitude toward sharing personal data online is redefining traditional concepts of privacy, emphasizing transparency, and reshaping how individuals interact with technology and safeguard their information in an increasingly interconnected world.


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