15 Things You Shouldn’t Tolerate in Life


Inspired by a morning argument with my five-year-old, who suddenly decided (while mommy has the flu and we were already running entirely too late) that she is incapable of dressing herself, I began to think about things people should never have to tolerate (other human beings while suffering from the flu is something no one should have to tolerate). There are so many things, though a child’s occasional outburst is annoying it’s also expected. There are many things we shouldn’t allow to happen, and I had to remind myself that my daughter’s occasional bad moods aren’t all that bad. Read on to find out which 15 things no one should ever tolerate in life – if you want to be happy, successful and satisfied.


No Communication

Something no one in life should tolerate is a lack of communication. Without communication, life is difficult. If you find that someone in your life is unable to communicate with you, either get rid of them or let it be known that this is unacceptable.



Unfortunately, entirely too many people are just ignorant. While that’s something irritating, it’s not always something that affects you. However, when someone’s ignorance causes strife – such as a family member or friend who refuses to accept your husband because he is of a different nationality – it’s time to get rid of it.


No Fun

Who wants to live a life that’s not fun? Sure, there’s a time and a place for fun, but it’s my opinion that everything you do has the possibility of fun. I can’t think of anything (except this darn flu) that doesn’t at least have the possibility of a little fun – even if it’s not something I love doing, there’s always a way to make it fun!


Lack of Integrity

If ever you feel that your life is spiraling out of control and you are put in a situation that tests your integrity, you have to make a decision. Something you should never tolerate in life is losing your integrity. Remember that.



If you hate your job or your situation in life, change it. Really, it’s that simple. I didn’t say it would be easy or fast, but if something makes you unhappy – don’t accept it. Change it.



Never, ever accept an unhealthy lifestyle. Find the time in your day to work out, to eat right and to make healthy decisions that will benefit you in the long run. You’ll live longer, look better and feel great.


Toxic Relationships

If there’s anything in life that makes you completely miserable, it’s a toxic relationship. When you begin to feel that someone in your life makes you unhappy more than they make you happy, get rid of them.



There’s no reason you shouldn’t be tidy and organized. Studies show that people who live in an organized area are happier, more productive and less stressed than those who don’t. Don’t tolerate anything less than the best.



You cannot live a positive lifestyle with a negative mind, said someone (famous? On Pinterest? I don’t really know). You also can’t live a positive life is the people in your life are all negative. Find out where the negativity is coming from and put an end to it.



There’s no reason anyone should live like a borderline hoarder. Don’t keep stuff that doesn’t mean anything to you, have any value to you or that you haven’t seen in years. Keep your life in order; it’s awesome.


Financial Problems

If you have financial problems, figure out how not to. You shouldn’t accept financial instability as a way of life. Do what it takes to make more money and become more comfortable. Step outside your comfort zone and do what you have to do.



There’s no place in life for rudeness. Don’t be rude to others and don’t tolerate those who are rude to you. Oftentimes, all it takes are a few kind words to make another person realize that their rudeness is uncalled for.


Lack of Passion

Whether it’s in your marriage or your career, you should feel passionate about life. You should want to go to work each day because you love what you do. You should look forward to seeing your spouse at the end of the day because he’s your all. If you don’t have that, you need to fix it.



Too many people suffer from an attitude problem. I have one from time to time, as I think most people do. However, you shouldn’t tolerate that. You shouldn’t allow your stress or illness or whatever to cause an attitude that makes others – yourself included – unhappy.



Sadness happens, of course, but it shouldn’t be something you tolerate. You should find a way to channel it into something more productive. When you’re sad, you’re not living life to the fullest.


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