15 Marriage Tips to Make Your Marriage Rock


Marriage is a pretty awesome endeavor, if you do it right. And by doing it right, I mean marrying a man who loves you, respects you, treats you with kindness and loyalty and who makes you feel the same way in return. Of course, marriage is work. It’s not all peaches and cream. It requires a great deal of understanding and patience – think helping him learn to put the toilet seat down every single time. However, it’s still awesome. Here are 15 exceptionally simple ways you can make your marriage rock every single day.


Exercise Together

You want to look good for him and he wants to look good for you, so why not make it a date and look good together? Exercising together will boost your feel good endorphins and give you a little extra time together. A little more time is always a plus.


Tell Him Something Nice About Himself

Even if it’s something completely innocuous, like the fact that you love the smell of his deodorant, tell him. Sometimes it’s the simplest statements that make the biggest impact.


Laugh Together

Instead of calling your girlfriends to go out to see that funny new movie, ask your husband to see it with you and share a few laughs in the theater and again after the movie with a cocktail or two.



Grab his bottom while you’re making dinner together or rub his arm suggestively as you walk by, giving him a special wink. It’s even more fun to flirt this way in public or in front of the kids, when no one but the two of you are aware of what’s going on.


Choose Not to Be Annoyed

Sure, husbands are annoying. So are wives. Instead of getting annoyed at him – again – for not shutting the garage door when he came home from work, shut it for him and ignore your irritation. Not fighting is a definite way to rock your marriage.




Sometimes all he needs is your ear, not your advice. Even though your advice is probably spot on and totally excellent, sometimes he doesn’t want to be reminded of how much of a genius you really are. He wants to figure it out for himself.


Linger in Bed

You don’t have to jump up the second the alarm goes off. Lie in bed with your husband. Curl yourself into his arms and just enjoy the act of being so close and so intimate at the start of the day. You’ll both feel good for it.


Get a Couple’s Massage

There is not a darn thing wrong with booking a couple of these each year. Get a little intimate with a couple’s massage.


Be Together

When you are together, just be together. Turn off the phone and the television and all the distractions of life and just be together.

Rear view of a couple sitting on beach

Watch a Sunset or Rise

One of my favorite things to do with my husband is to sit on the front porch with a glass of our favorite red and watch the sun sink in the distance, closing out another beautiful day. It makes us remember how fortunate we are and it’s a special moment to share.


Forgive Him

Even when he does something so stupid you don’t think you’ll ever forgive him (think – the time he told his mom you did not name her legal guardian of your kids should anything happen to either of you even though you agreed not to tell her so she couldn’t get mad at you until you are good and dead and beyond caring, or better yet, when it becomes needless). Just forgive him. Forgiveness rocks.


Go to Church Together

Worship is a good feeling. When you welcome God into your life together, things only get better. You don’t have to be very religious to go to church. You can be yourself and be open to learning more and accepting something you may not have already accepted. It’s a nice feeling.


Don’t Complain

Sometimes it’s better for your marriage to skip the complaints and talk strictly about the highlights of your day instead of the low. Of course you want to share your annoyances with your husband, but bringing him down to talk – yet again – about how annoying your coworker is doesn’t make your marriage rock.


Enjoy Him

Remind yourself of how awesome he is. Look at his good qualities, ignore his less than perfect mannerisms and just enjoy the fact that he is all yours.


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