15 Reasons to Appreciate Military Men and Women


Do you want to pursue a career in an online university for military? Do you want to be one of those military men and women? Ask anyone with a family member in the military and they will give you several dozen reasons you should spend more time appreciating our men and women in uniform. The men and women in our military are some of the most important people in our lives, even if we don’t know them. They put their lives on the line, sacrifice time for their families, and see things the rest of us cannot even imagine. We owe them some appreciation and a big thanks. As the sister of a military man, I can say with great honesty that appreciation doesn’t even feel like enough. He spends most of his life away from his kids, spent almost a year in combat zones overseas, and it just never feels like enough. Read on for 15 reasons we should appreciate our military men and women.


They Sacrifice Family

The men and women in the military spend a lot of time away from their families. They spend time training, working, and fighting overseas. They spend months, sometimes years away from their families and that’s all for us. Be thankful everyday when you wake up next to your kids and spouse that you have that ability. Some of the men and women in the military don’t.


Their Families Deserve Appreciation

We cannot forget to appreciate the families of our military. They are the ones kissing their husbands and wives and children and parents and siblings good-bye, wondering if they will ever see them again and when that will be.


They Put Their Lives at Risk

There’s really nothing else you have to say about this. Our military put their lives at risk. That’s reason enough to appreciate them.


They Do a Big Job

What job is more important than ensuring that our freedom and safety remains intact?


They See Horrible Things

The men and women in the military see things we cannot even imagine. They have to do things we never could imagine.


They’re Appreciative

They spend so much time without the luxuries of everyday life and without the luxuries of life most of us take for granted, which is why a package of oreos or a scribbled picture with a little signature on it is something that they appreciate so much more than the rest of us.



Who doesn’t love a man in uniform? Or a woman in uniform? (I’m partial to a man in uniform, myself).


They Don’t Sleep Much

You have to appreciate someone who doesn’t sleep that much. They’re sleep deprived in a way that only the parents of a newborn baby can imagine, and even that is much different.


They Dance Well

Have you ever seen a video on the news or online of military men and women doing some sort of amazingly choreographed dance? Seriously, they are awesome. How can you not appreciate that?


They’re Role Models

Even if you don’t know someone in the military, these people are amazing role models. They do something so selfless and amazing that it’s impossible not to be a role model. Your kids have someone to look up to at all times.


They Miss a Lot

You have to appreciate a man or woman who misses so much. They miss important birthdays, holidays, graduations, children’s milestones, and even the birth of their children. It’s heartbreaking, really, but our safety and freedom have to come first. Appreciate the men who miss the births of their own children to fight for the freedom of yours.


They’re Dedicated

You have to be quite dedicated in order to do a job like the men and women in the military do.


They Suffer

Many military personnel return home from combat with PTSD. They suffer; for good reason. Despite that, they work hard to show their families that they love them unconditionally, even though their own lives have been turned upside down.


They Don’t Have a “Home”

Military bases are home to military men and women, but they don’t get to stay for long. A few years here and a few years there. They don’t get to stay with their gardens or build additions on their house or a tree fort for the kids. Their kids have to switch schools, they leave their friends, and they have to start all over every few years. It’s not always easy.


They’re Awesome

In short, the men and women in our military are awesome. They are everyday men and women with stress and worry and family and friends who do something that the rest of us cannot do. They’re awesome. Show appreciation. The next time you see a man or woman in uniform, give them a hug. Thank them. Salute. High-five. Do something to show how much you appreciate all that they do. Trust me, they will appreciate that.


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