15 Nice Things to Say to Your Husband


When your husband tells you that you look particularly beautiful today or randomly comments that you he considers himself the most fortunate man alive to be married to such an amazing woman, it makes you feel good. It makes you feel really good. It probably makes you feel good enough to not have a headache after the kids go to bed – if you get my drift. Now put yourself in his shoes for a moment and consider how good he must feel knowing he’s made you happy. Don’t you want to feel like that? Even if you don’t want the feel of goodness that comes along with making your husband feel great, you should do it just because you love him and a really excellent marriage calls for it. Read on to find out 15 things you can say to your husband to make him feel amazing.


Thank You, Because…

When you thank him for doing something and you tell him why what he did is worthy of your thanks, you’re going to make him feel good. An added bonus is if you thank him for something unexpected, such as being such a good dad or for always taking care of the yard work.


I Called the Sitter

What man doesn’t want a wife who is willing to give up a few hours with the kids to get him alone for an evening? It shows him you love him and you want to spend time alone with him, which shows him that you value your marriage.


You Are So Good…

Fill in the blank on this one, ladies. Just know that complimenting his manly skills in any department is going to make him feel darn good about himself.


This is For You

He’s probably used to seeing the things you picked up for the kids while you were out today, but how often do you pick something up for him just because and not because he requested it or needed it? How good do you feel when he sends you flowers or brings home a gift for you just because? Exactly.


I Admire Your…

Cooking skills, manly grilling abilities, lack of fear of big ol’ hairy spiders with long legs, work ethic; whatever you admire, tell him. Men like to be admired.


I Love Being With You

Really, how could your husband not feel amazing after hearing this? All he wants to do is make you happy and he loves being with you, so hearing the same in return is a great compliment.

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You’re Such a Good Dad

Men want to know that they’re doing something worthwhile when it comes to the kids. You probably spend more time correcting his diapering skills or commenting on the way he put your daughter’s hair up that you forget to tell him despite his bad hairstyling abilities he’s actually a really great daddy.


They Were On Sale

And ladies…mean it when you say it. He knows you might fib here and there about the exact price of a purchase, but when you’re totally honest about buying something on sale, it’ll probably make his day.


You Make Me Proud

Men are, by nature, caregivers. They want to protect you and take care of you, and they want to make you proud. Don’t forget to tell your husband he does exactly that.


I Miss You

When he’s at work or you’re at work or you’re at one kid’s practice and he’s at the other kid’s practice, let him know you miss him. Then let him know again how much you missed him when the kids go to bed.

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I Understand

Instead of telling him you don’t understand why he has to have the same shirt in 14 different colors, think about the fact that he doesn’t understand why you have to have 18 pair of black heels and tell him you get it. You understand.


I Bought Tickets

Oh yes. This one will make his day. You have tickets to his favorite sport/concert/band/team event and he’ll love you forever and feel completely amazing.



How often do either of you get to come home at the end of the day and have permission to just relax? Between the kids and dinner and the house and practices and life in general, there’s not time to relax. Give him the opportunity by telling him you’ve got everything under control and he might just retaliate at a later date.


You Make Me Happy

Well, he does. That’s why you’re married to him. Tell him. He’d probably like to know that.

I Love You

Enough said. You love him, so tell him. No one is ever guaranteed a tomorrow so you need to make sure the people you love, especially your husband, know that you love them as often as possible.


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