13 Signs People Are Taking Advantage of You


Balancing relationships can often resemble walking a tightrope, especially when figuring out if someone is truly committed or just taking advantage of you. While mind-reading isn’t an option, staying attentive to subtle cues can help you avoid being manipulated. So, hold tight as we’re about to explore crucial red flags to watch out for.

You Are Always the Giver, Never the Receiver


If you find yourself always giving without receiving in return, whether it’s emotional support or resources, it could indicate exploitation. Pay attention to the dynamics; if the effort feels overwhelmingly one-sided, it’s necessary to reassess the relationship.

Excessive Flattery Followed by Requests


Beware of people who shower you with compliments or flattery only to swiftly follow up with requests for favors, money, or assistance. This tactic lowers your guard and makes you more receptive to their demands.

Excluding You From Their Circle

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If someone constantly cancels plans or doesn’t invite you to their events, they might not consider you part of their inner circle. Such behavior suggests they’re not committed to the relationship and only want to spend time with you when it benefits them.

Barely Giving a Thought to Your Concerns


Individuals who are utilizing you will prioritize their own needs and desires above yours. They might monopolize conversations, continuously steer discussions back to themselves, or show little interest in your life. Good partnerships thrive on mutual respect and thoughtful consideration for one another.

Always Asks for Financial Help

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Think twice if they borrow money without any intention of paying it back. It could be a sign of taking advantage of your generosity or pressuring you into funding their lifestyle. Set clear boundaries when it comes to finances. 

Exploiting Your Expertise or Skills


Ever had a friend undervalue your time and effort, masking it as a favor? They might say, “Could you just quickly help me with this? It won’t take much of your time,” only for it to consume your entire day. When this becomes a recurring scenario, it’s clear they’re exploiting your kindness under the guise of friendship.

Manipulating Reality for Their Gain

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Gaslighting is a psychological strategy employed by manipulators to undermine your confidence and perception of reality. Denying your experiences, invalidating your emotions, and distorting the truth cultivates reliance on their version of events. Be wary — it’s a tool to control and manipulate, eroding your sense of self so you are always around at their beck and call.

Ignoring Your Boundaries


Personal space is significant for everyone, and individuals who genuinely care about you will honor that. But what about those who seek to exploit your resources? They ignore your limits, pressuring you or disregarding your need for space. Notice their response when you clearly communicate your limits: do they respect them or attempt to override them? 

Taking Credit for Your Ideas or Accomplishments

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It’s a pretty clear indicator that someone’s taking advantage of you when they keep taking credit for your ideas or hard work. They undermine your contributions and ignore your role, making you feel insignificant.

Treating You as an Option, Not a Priority


Notice how this person prioritizes you in their life. If you consistently feel like an afterthought or backup plan rather than a priority, it indicates that they’re not invested in fostering a meaningful connection with you and are only in a relationship with you for something to gain.

Burdening You with Guilt for Saying No


A healthy partnership involves the ability to say no without feeling guilty or obligated. If someone consistently pressures you into saying yes or makes you feel guilty for prioritizing your needs, it’s a sign of manipulation and disregard for your autonomy.

Isolating You From Others


They subtly deter you from spending quality moments with loved ones or criticize your relationships. By keeping you cut off, they retain control and hinder you from seeking outside perspectives or assistance.

Never Taking Responsibility


Do you often find yourself shouldering the blame for things that go wrong, even when it’s not your fault? This could signify that someone is deflecting responsibility and exploiting your sense of guilt or duty.


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