10 Unacceptable Excuses We All Make


We are all so guilty of making excuses, and not the kind that are actual excuses – like the flu or sick kids or the fact that there always seems to be that one week in which everything has to be done and you have literally no time to do it all because everything else that could possibly happen in a week has happened and is happening this week. But we get it. What we are talking about are excuses that are just unacceptable. They are, essentially, lies that we tell. We aren’t telling them to other people, or deliberately lying to other people. They’re lies we tell ourselves because we just can’t seem to get over the fact that things happen in life. The most unacceptable excuses we make are the ones that hinder our abilities and our dreams. They don’t allow us to grow, to learn and to change. You’re probably making at least a few of these excuses to yourself, and it’s time to stop.

It’s Not the Right Time

It’s never the right time, but that’s because there is no such thing as the right time. There will always be a time in which you need more, want more, have more, need less, need something; if you wait for perfection, you’re going to be vastly disappointed with how your life pans out because perfection does not exist. There is no right time; there is just time. Make it right.

I Don’t Have the Time

Yes, you do. Well, sometimes you don’t, but that requires giving up things that aren’t worth having. And we’re not talking about sleep or time spent with your family. There are probably things you do that you don’t have to do. There are probably things in your life you can change and you can get rid of because they’re not important. Don’t make this excuse.

It’s too Late for Me

Better late than never, right? That’s the motto we should all live by. How do you think all those septuagenarians in college feel? They didn’t do something when it was ‘early’ or ‘right,’ because they waited. And I’m willing to bet that they feel this is the poorest excuse in the human language – it’s never too late to make changes and improvements in your life.

I’m Happy Where I Am

Good for you; so am I. But that certainly does not mean I’m not open to change in my life. In fact, I love change. It’s scary and it makes me nervous, but if I’m not challenged and scared and accepting of change, I will never see my life improve. Yes, my life is darn good right now. In fact, it is great and I am very happy. But I know I can be happier one day, and I know I want more. That doesn’t meant I don’t appreciate all that I have and do at this moment in time – I do. But more is always nice.

I Don’t Want to Hurt Anyone

Hurting people is a fact of life. It sounds callous, but it’s the truth. We don’t want to hurt people, but sometimes we have to move on in our own lives so as not to hurt ourselves. For example, if you want to live your dream life and that means moving away from your entire family to pursue your dreams, you have to do it. You can’t be idle and sedentary your entire life. You have to do what’s best for you, even if someone else doesn’t love it.

I’m Not Afraid of Change, I Just Don’t Need It

You are afraid of change, and that’s all right. But don’t let your fear dictate your decisions. You do need change; we all need change. If change did not occur, we would be doing exactly what we are doing right this very second in 50 years. And while that might be nice right now, it won’t be so amazing in the future.

I Need More

Yes, you do. And the only way to get it is to stop making ridiculous excuses and start making progress. The only way to obtain more is to work for it, make it happen and embrace the changes you have to make to create your own path to success. It can be in love, in life, in your marriage, in your finances, with your kids; we don’t care. If you want more, go get it.

I Don’t Know Where to Start

No one knows where to start, darlings. But we can tell you that right here and right now is as good a place as any to attempt a new beginning. What’s holding you back? You don’t know where to start, fine. Do you think that Steve Jobs knew where to start when he was creating Apple? Do you think there was a big green square that said, “START HERE!” in big flashing letters so he knew when and where to begin? If you’re waiting on a sign, let this be it.

It Probably Won’t Work

But what if it does work? That’s the thing; you can’t worry about what is going to happen without considering the possibilities. So what if it does not work? What if it does work? It will never not work or work unless you try and make it work. You have to make the effort, take the chance and make the change. You will never get anywhere in life, love or your own pursuit of happiness if you are always worried that things will not work out. After all, nothing in life is a guarantee, so why do we waste our thoughts worried about certain things not working and not other things?

Failure is Not an Option

Oh, but darling, failure is the best option. Let’s get something straight right here and right now; no one succeeds without ample failure. You can’t make something right, perfect, amazing, and beautiful until you’re tried and failed. Failure, my friend, is what makes us successful. If you’re afraid of failure, you’re afraid of success.

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