10 Things You’ll Miss Most About Living with Your College Friends


Part of the college experience is getting to live with your friends, making your own decisions and beginning your life. It’s very FRIENDS-like in that you’re all close to one another, you can come and go as you please and there is always a night that ends up in the kitchen with wine and good conversation. It’s the time in your life you will miss desperately as you all go off and move on in your own separate ways. You might not – in the moment – ever consider living anywhere but with your college friends. You can’t figure out why anyone would want to live alone or why they’d want to grow up and get married. But let me be the first to tell you that even though you love your friends and you will miss your time together, there are much better things in store for your future. It doesn’t mean you won’t miss your friends, but it does mean you will have so many fond memories. Here are 10 things you might miss most about living with your college roommates.

Outfit Opinions

Let’s be honest; if there is one thing that we all miss about our college roommates, it is the fact that they are there to say yes or no when you try something on. You never have to wonder if you look good because they are there to tell you – in a brutally honest fashion – whether or not you look like a hot mess or a super model.

Extra Closets

When you have nothing to wear – NOTHING to wear – you always have extra closets to raid. On that note, you probably will not miss your roommates going through your closets and taking your clothes. But since double standards are your specialty, you’re certainly going to miss going through theirs in a pinch.

Hair Help

No one can have big, bouncy Victoria’s Secret Angel hair without a little help. The front is easy, but we all need someone in the back to do the dirty work for us, and a roommate is going to be the perfect person for this job. We highly recommend you find a way to keep her in your life forever so that you never have to do your own hair before a night out or interview.

Boy Opinions

Boys are awful at times, and when you have someone there for you all the time you will find that they’re not so bad. You’ll be able to analyze text messages, stalk his social media profile and figure out if the way he wrote “I’ll talk later,” means he’s looking forward to it, making promises or just making conversation. These girls are here for you.

Late Night Pizza/Ice Cream/Wine Binges

Sometimes you just need a night at home with people you love. You’ll wear messy buns, yoga pants and you’ll order pizza, eat too much ice cream and drink too much wine. You’ll watch a dozen episodes of Sex and the City and you’ll laugh, talk, cry and giggle for hours. These nights happen more than you might think, and they are always the best nights. You will miss these nights so much more than you realize.

Built-in Breakup Recovery

Most people go through at least one major breakup in their lives, and your roommates are the ones who will be there for you the most. They will be there for you when you cry. They will be there for you the first time you run into him after he breaks your heart. They will be there for you when you have to return his stuff or when you find out he’s moved on. They are there for you, and you will be so happy to have them there when you do.

The Morning After

Whether it was a long night of fun or heartbreak, these girls are going to wake up late and go to brunch with you. You’ll be able to recap all the fun you had, enjoy the moment with one another and you’ll be able to laugh, giggle and analyze all that happened the night before. The morning after is always fun, and you are going to miss these girls when you wake up alone one day.

Built-In Fun

No matter what, there is always fun. It’s fun to help your girls get ready, it’s fun to cook together, to decorate together and to do just about anything else together. You will have so much fun together, and the fact that your fun is built-in is something that will be missed terribly when you all go off to live your adult lives and be grown-up on your own.

Someone to Sit by the Phone With You

Is he going to call? Is she going to call? Is the job yours? Did you get the promotion or the opportunity or whatever? Someone is always going to be there to sit down by the phone when you are waiting on the call that you feel will change your life. She’s going to hold your hand, pop the champagne, jump up and down in celebration with you or hold your hand, hug you and force you to do something fun and fabulous when you don’t get the call. What matters is that she is there for you.

Getting Ready Together

One day you’ll be in your bathroom getting ready for a date or a trip or something fun and you’ll be all alone. You’ll turn on the surround sound, put on your favorite music and dance around by yourself. Your husband will smile at your antics and tell you he loves you more than anything, and then he’ll go finish getting ready. And in that moment you will miss those college roommates of yours more than ever. They’d be in there with a bottle of wine or a glass of champagne singing and laughing with you, sharing makeup and clothes and just making the night that much more exciting as a whole. You will miss this so much.

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