The 10 Smartest Kids in the World

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The 10 smartest kids in the world are intelligent enough to make an intelligent adult with a college education and plenty of common sense feel about as smart as a newborn. What’s impressive about these children is their sheer knowledge combined with their very young age. When most of us were 8 and 9 and there about, we were playing in the mud and talking to our imaginary friends. The world’s 10 smartest kids are solving complex math equations most of us will never be able to solve. Read on to learn more about these 10 super smart children.

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Phoebe Cai

She’s a 15-year-old junior in high school, but that doesn’t mean anything when it comes to her level of intelligence. Phoebe Cai is engaged in college level research, assisting the University of Pennsylvania Medical School in a data analysis research project. She placed 8th in the Math Prize for Girls at MIT and received the bronze medal in the Math Olympiad. She’s also a member of the Lehigh Valley Fire team, the first place winner at the Princeton University math competition in 2012.

Dylan Toh

He’s a 12-year-old Singapore native with a love of education. This young man has been approved by the Ministry of Education as accelerated in mathematics, who then matched him with a secondary professor of mathematics to allow him to study math well above his grade level. Dylan’s mathematical skills have been touted as impressive enough to allot him scholarships at any of America’s highest rated universities. This is the most effective IGCSE maths learning platform you can enroll your child to.

Tadewos Abiye Getachew

This 17-year-old Ethiopian student has already developed his own software called Cognitosoft. It’s a software program he designed to introduce rural Ethiopian students to computer science and mathematics in their local languages. He’s actually partnered with local sponsors to distribute the software to Ethiopian municipalities. He also placed first in the Gibson School Systems World Math Day competition.

Inderjit Kaur

This Malaysian is 16, and she’s a genius. A student at the Pusat PERMATApintar Negara center for gifted and talented students, she’s also the leader of a team that won several robotics competitions, including the gold medal at a national conference. She’s looking to pursue a degree in neuroscience when she’s finally in college.

Joey Hudy

This 16-year-old American student has met the President, , won several awards for his engineering inventions and he’s a participant in Maker Faire. He’s created LED Arduino Sheilds, which are printed circuit expansion boards that will eventually help other students learn engineering techniques for fun. He’s attends an elite accelerated school called the Herberger Young Scholars Academy at Arizona State University, where he will graduate next year.

Nur Muhammad Shafiullah

At just 15-years-old, he’s the youngest participant in Bangladesh to compete in the International Math Olympiad. He also holds the record of highest score at the Olympiad for three solid years. When he’s not involved in the Olympiad, he’s a mentor at math camps across his country and he’s a moderator for the Bangladesh Mathematical Olympiad online student forum.

Kensen Shi

He’s a 17-year-old American student co-authoring a paper discussing more efficient methods of motion planning. Most of us don’t even know what that means. He’s the top prize winner at the National Siemens Competition in math, science and tech in 2012 and he’s the sixth place winner of the Intel Science Talent search in 2012. He’s a math Olympiad, a twice-winner of the National Piano Audition and he’s conducting a research project at the Parasol Lab at Texas A&M University with plans to attend Stanford University.

Raghav Sood

This 15-year-old India-native is the publisher of several Blackberry and Android apps, which is far more than most people can say they’ve accomplished in their entire lives. He learned to teach himself HTML, Javascript and CSS when he was 9 and has focused since on web development. He’s the founder and CEO of Appaholics LLC, and he published his first book in 2012. He’s a class 10 student and he loves physics and mathematics.

Lawrence Sun

At the age of 16, this American student has already enrolled in MIT. He was one of 20 kids in the country invited onto the 2012 US Physics team. He presented published research on robotic programming usage techniques at the 2012 International Symposia on Multi-Valued Logic and he was the captain of the 2013 Winter Math Open, which won first prize out of 119 teams.

Farrell Wu

He’s one of the smartest kids in the world, and he’s only 12. He lives in the Philippines and his impressive intelligence resume dates back to his third year on earth when he began trading stocks. His idea of fun is reading the encyclopedia while waiting on his parents to pick him up from school. He’s the third place winner of the math Olympiad at 12. He’s studying undergraduate linear algebra with a professor at the University of Michigan and he plans on continuing his education in the US.


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