You’re Allowed to Make Time for You

One of the most important things you need in your life is time with yourself. You spend so much of it catering to other people that you forget to take a night and spend it with just you. Medical professionals recognize that this is something everyone needs to do from time to time. Here are a few easy, simple ways you can enjoy a little quality time with the most important person in your life: You.

Go See a Movie

Don’t be afraid to go see a movie by yourself. For one, it’s a dark theater, so no one is even going to recognize you. Secondly, who cares if you’re alone? Does spending some time making yourself happy mean you aren’t a fulfilled, happy person? No, it most certainly does not.

Go to the Driving Range

Maybe you don’t golf, but maybe you should try. I didn’t think I’d ever be a golfer, but my husband introduced me to it a few years ago and there is nothing I enjoy more than an hour on the driving range one weekend morning while my husband is dealing with dirty diapers and morning naps. The release of hitting the ball, improving my game, and spending time with just me is so relaxing that I always feel amazing when I get home.

Get a Massage

This one goes without saying. Call the spa, book a massage, and enjoy. Sigh contentedly as all your stresses and unhappiness are massaged right out of your body over the course of 50 or 80 minutes.

Go Outside

Exposure to sunlight has a number of benefits. Add it to your alone time and reap as many as you can. For one, exposure to sunlight immediately boosts your mood and makes you feel happier and less stressed. Additionally, it will give you a healthy glow. Just don’t forget the sunscreen, pretty lady.


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