Ways You Can Get Your Husband To Help You More In The House

Help around the house is often a source of tension between a husband and a wife, especially if you both work.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  There are ways you can have the help you need without ending up angry with one another.

Try asking him in a sweet voice.  Nobody wants to be hit over the head with demands and orders, least of all our husbands.  When you need help, ask him for it.  But ask with an open mind that it is okay if he says no.  Don’t make who does the dishes an all out war.  There are bigger hills to die on.

Tell him how overwhelmed you are and that you need help.  Men like to fix things and sharing your problem gives him the chance to help you by offering to help.

Offer to help him in return that he helps you.  Maybe you can work as a team and complete both of your chores in half the time.  In addition, it is fun to work together.

Explain why you need the help to him.  Maybe you have a job outside the home and you cannot keep it all up.  If he isn’t willing to help you clean, maybe he would like to help by cooking, doing grocery shopping or entertaining the kids while you clean.  There is no wrong answer here and you can do different things to accomplish your goal.

If all else fails and he is not willing to give you help around the house then accept that.  It is really not worth the argument.  Why not use a creative approach to finding help around the house?  Hire someone to come and clean once every couple of weeks or offer some kind of trade off, such as you will do a friend’s laundry in return for their cleaning your house.


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