Decide When You Should Walk Away From a Toxic Friendship For Good

Friendships are a wonderful addition to our lives.  They give us someone we can share things with, laugh with, have fun with and many other things.  But sometimes a friendship will sour and you wonder if it is worth staying in the friendship with the other person or if you should cut your ties and move one.  This is what is called a toxic friendship.  It is a friendship that is not good for you and will only bring you harm.

A toxic friendship has undercurrents of jealousy, insecurities and attempts at sabotage as undercurrents.  In a toxic friendship, everything can go along fine for a period of time.  But if something good is happening to you, your friend may not seem as happy for you if they should.  They may say all the right things but you can tell their heart isn’t in it.  They may undermine your attempts to do well.  For example, if you have got a promotion, they may say that they are happy for you but later ask if you are certain you have the abilities to do the job you have been promoted to.

They may lash out at you if they feel insecure.  Of course, this would most likely be hidden in the camouflage of a seemingly innocent comment.  If they are having a bad hair day, they might say something to the effect of you should understand completely how that feels.  If you are losing weight, they might show up at your house with a batch of homemade brownies telling you it is just because they think you are such a great friend.

While any of these things could be brushed off as coincidental or having been said or done by your friend without thinking, if they become a more than once in a while occurrence you may need to consider if you have a toxic friendship.  True friendship is when you truly want the best for one another.  Anything less than that is something you should walk away from.

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