Unconventional Ways to Make A Few Extra Dollars Before the Holidays


Get a second job, go back to college and get a really beneficial degree or win the lottery; these are all great ways to ensure you can make a little extra cash. We can tell you all day long that you can go out and sell the things you no longer wear, have a yard sale or babysit your friends’ kids for the weekend while they are out of town and make a quick buck. The problem is that most of the stuff that’s always recommended to you for making additional money takes time you might not have, or else it’s a one-time gig that doesn’t do much more than help you out in the short-term.

What happens if you need to find a way to make money in a more long-term manner? This is where we tell you to learn how to work from home with an online job in your spare time or go back to school and get a degree, or just get a second job. Of course, we don’t always love those ideas. Sometimes we love ideas that are a bit more off the beaten path; things that people aren’t already doing left and right. In fact, some of these make-money-fast ideas might even be ideas you’ve never considered or even heard of. Let us tell you now, however, that they’re not terrible ideas.

Rent your boat

I am a lifelong Floridian, so I know a thing or two about boats considering they’ve been in my life for 33 years (well, 33 next week). Even though it’s warm here all year, we don’t usually use them once August is over or before May. For one, we’re cold when it’s not 90 degrees and 100% humidity, so an 85-degree day in April is not hot enough for us when you consider how cool the water feels. No boating for us. Additionally, once football seasons starts, our kids play, cheer and we have games to watch and coach. We have no free time.

Why not rent your boat? You can join a website called getmyboat.com that allows you to rent out your boat to those who need one for a day or for a few days, and you can make big bucks doing it. If all it’s doing is just sitting in your garage, why not consider it?

Be A Friend

Honestly, you should be a good friend to your actual friends on a regular basis. However, you might want to know that you can actually work for hire as a friend; and it might pay you pretty well. Apparently, some people are lonely. Perhaps they are new to the area and have yet to meet someone. Perhaps they are fresh off a breakup and lost all the friends they had in the process. Perhaps they are just trying to meet people who are more like them than the people they’ve been spending their time with.

Whatever it is, there are actual people who are willing to pay you to be their friend. RentAFriend.com is a site that allows you to sign up to be a friend-for-hire. You can earn up to $50 per hour being a PLATONIC friend to those who just need a dinner date, someone to accompany them to a movie or whatnot. It sounds pretty easy, and actually a little bit entertaining.

Become a Masseuse

It might be easier to take on this additional money-making gig if you are already a masseuse, to be completely honest. If you already do this for a living, you can join a site that is a bit like Uber for people who make a living making people feel so much better about their bodies. Zeel.com and Soothe.com allow you to sign up and rent your time to those who are in need of a massage and might not have the desire to go into your office or spa. You might go to theme, provide your own equipment and make anywhere from $100 to $150 per hour working on the knots in someone else’s back during your down time and free time.

Share Your Car

You don’t have to become an Uber driver, but what if you have an additional car and you want to make a bit of additional money? Let someone else borrow your car that fits the criteria, and let them turn themselves into Uber drivers. For instance, let’s say you have kids and a big, nice Escalade that you cannot use past bedtime to do anything like many any additional money, but your sister does. Unfortunately, she has a Honda and won’t make so much money with it.

Why not let her use your car as her Uber driver and make more money. She can drive your car, and you two can split the profits from the ride. You’re both winning, and you’re making some serious cash on the side, too.

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