Trouble With The Curve Is A Movie For Both You And Your Guy

Trouble With The Curve is one of the best movies I watched in 2012, and I am a movie buff so that is saying something.  Trouble With The Curve stars Clint Eastwood as Gus, who plays a baseball scout who is battling some health issues.  Some of his coworkers are trying to push him out of his job but he still has friends pulling for him, especially his boss, Pete.  Amy Adams plays his daughter, Mickey, who has made a successful life for herself in spite of the difficulties she had growing up with him for a father.

When these health issues affect Gus’s ability to do his job, Mickey does what she feels she should after talking to Pete.  She takes time off from her high pressured, high-class job to be her father’s driver and assist him as he does his job scouting out new prospects.

Along the way, Mickey meets Johnny, who is a young friend of Gus’s.  Johnny is also a scout and quickly falls for Mickey.  Mickey doesn’t give her heart to others easily due to the hurts she experienced growing up with Gus as her father.  Johnny gets close to Mickey, though and makes her question the walls she has kept around her heart for so long.

Gus and Mickey have a history they need to work out together.  Gus shows his coworkers that he isn’t just a washed up old man and that he still has valuable knowledge he can share if they will listen.  Mickey learns to let herself feel for the first time in a long time and follow after the priorities that she really wants to achieve.

Trouble With The Curve is a movie both men and women will enjoy.  The storyline is strongly masculine but the romance element will keep the ladies tuned in.  Rent Trouble With The Curve tonight.



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