Tips When Everything Seems to be Going Wrong

It happens to everyone; you wake up one morning and realize that as the day goes on that everything just seems to be going wrong. It’s normal. You’re not alone. However, there are some important things you should remember on those days. The days on which you feel that everything is going wrong, it’s not. Sure, certain things might not be going your particular way or be to your particular liking, but that doesn’t mean that in your life everything is going wrong.

Not Everything is Bad

Even though it might feel that everything is going wrong today – or tomorrow or yesterday or a week from now – it’s not. One or two things might not be going your way, but that doesn’t make everything problematic. It’s important to remember that just because one or two things aren’t exactly perfect at the moment, not everything is bad. The rest of your life is still in good shape. It’s annoying, really, but perfect doesn’t exist (can someone please tell my mother this?).

You’re In Control

Even when you feel you aren’t in control of your own life, you are. You might have a job you hate and expenses to pay, but that doesn’t mean you’re not in control. So you can’t walk into your boss’ office and tell him what to do with your job title and any particular places he can shove it, but you can begin the search for a new job. It’s not total control, but it is control and it’s important to remember that it’s yours.

It’s Temporary

In reality, how bad are your problems? Right now they might seem horrible (after all, everything is going wrong in your life). How bad will this problem be next Wednesday? How bad will it be a month from now? Chances are, it won’t even be something you remember.

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