Three Steps to Self-Motivation

It’s easy to motivate yourself when you’re in the mood, but when you aren’t in that motivated mood, finding the desire to get up and get things accomplished is far easier said than done. Most people need something to give them a swift kick in the you-know-what to provide a little motivation. Instead of waiting for your motivation to return, try motivating yourself and live a more productive, accomplished life. Here are three great ideas to help motivate yourself even on your laziest days.

Set Your Goals…and Expect a Few Bumps in the Road

When you make a point of naming your goal, it becomes more real to you. Write it down or say it out loud to your reflection in the mirror. By making it a statement to yourself, you make it real and, therefore, more likely to be something you follow through with. Additionally, when you create your goal and your plan for accomplishing it, leave a little wiggle room. Rarely does anything in life go off without a hitch. Leaving room in your plan will provide you with the necessary means to overcome any obstacles without making you feel that your plan is failing or your goal is becoming unattainable.


If you go into any project with expectations of failure, you will not succeed. A person’s ability to successfully accomplish anything is directly related to their attitude toward the project rather than your actual talent. Banish your negative thoughts and replace them with the belief that you will succeed, and you will provide yourself with the necessary tools to do what you need to do.

Turn Your Goals into Public Knowledge

It’s easy to give up on something when no one will be disappointed that you’ve given up. When people are waiting patiently for you to finish accomplishing your goal, you are less likely to give up on it because the idea of disappointing your loved ones is out of the question. State your intentions, your plan and your ultimate goal to your friends and family members and you will have to accomplish it. Letting others down is often worse than letting yourself down.


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