Three Simple Ways to Get More Accomplished

Do you ever wake up in the morning in a great mood before suddenly remembering the myriad of things you have to accomplish that day? I used to be very, very guilty of this ugly habit until I learned to be more effective at getting things done. I might be tempted to procrastinate or do it later, but I’ve found that I have more energy and more capabilities of getting things done in the mornings, which means that I can spend the rest of the day doing things that are more fun and entertaining. I also don’t have to worry about spending the evening angry with myself for not doing all that needed doing.

Show Up

Someone once said something about showing up being 80 percent of success. On days that I’m tempted not to even open my laptop and start working, I get it right out and get started. When I’m not “feeling it,” I find that just jumping in and starting – showing up – is the best way to go. More often than not, I’m motivated to finish once I actually start.

Get It Over With

I always have something on my list of things to do that I really don’t want to do. I’ve learned, however, that not doing them first means I spend the rest of the day dreading them. To make my day easier and more productive, I simply do those things first and get them out of my life for good.

Information Overload

I find that I’m much more productive when I leave my cell phone in my handbag after I drop my oldest daughter off at school. I accidentally learned this one day when I got three hours worth of work done in an hour and a half while my oldest was at school and my youngest napped. I couldn’t figure out how I did it when I do the same thing every day until I remembered that my phone was in my bag. I hadn’t stopped to answer any texts from my husband or friends, to check my email every time it vibrates, or to check my social media accounts every so often.


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