Three Reasons You’ve Lost Your Motivation


Motivation is something we need in our lives. Admittedly, we don’t always feel the motivation to do what needs doing (think about how long you’ve put off cleaning out the garage this year), but that’s fairly common for everyone. We’re all entitled to an off day here and there in which we do nothing but sit around reading a new book in our pajamas with a cup of hot coffee. However, when your motivation is missing most of the time, it’s a negative. In fact, there might be some factors in your life that are causing you to lose out on your motivation and you might not know it.

No Challenge

It’s difficult to find motivation in anything when you’re not challenged. If what you do on a daily basis does not challenge you in any way, you’re not going to feel motivated to accomplish anything. The truth is that not being challenged in your daily life can cause you to become unmotivated very quickly. What you need to do is find a way to challenge yourself, whether it’s looking for a new hobby or career or asking for more challenging projects or responsibilities.


Fear is something that sucks the motivation right out of us. We’re scared of being rejected, of hearing no, of being criticized and of not doing a job well, so we simply put it off. We put it off because it’s easier to think that we will get it done than it is to face our fears and actually get it done.

Burn Out

Quite simply, if you’re feeling a complete lack of motivation, it could simply be that you are burnt out. Your job might be taking its toll on you, your life might be taking its toll on you, or any number of things might be taking a toll on you. The trick here is to figure out a way to fight the burn out and make some positive changes in your life.

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