Things You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About

Everyone has an opinion, and they don’t always mesh. Women in particular are notorious for being berated for their opinion, and because of this too many women keep their opinions to themselves. They are afraid to speak up, and sometimes they are afraid to be different. The fact is no one should be made to feel guilty about their opinion at any time. Here are a few things that women should never, ever feel bad for.

It’s okay to wear the six inch heels even though the dress code is casual.

It’s okay to think that any jeans lighter than “Dark Wash” should be immediately burned and outlawed in every country because they make women look trashy and their thighs look fat.

It’s perfectly fine to think that breast implants are a waste of money and that most women look in proportionate, and a little fatter than they are, with them.

It’s also perfectly fine to ask why people think it is okay to call you stuck up and stupid for buying a pair of $850 shoes you can easily afford, but it’s not okay to call them poor and unfashionable for buying their shoes at Wal-Mart.

It’s okay to turn down an invitation because you really are not a fan of 5 star restaurants (or the outdoors, or girls’ weekend).

It’s okay to think you are a much better parent than everyone else; we all do.

It’s fine to feel really good about the fact that you deleted all the people who act half their age, annoy you, and make you feel stressed out from your friends list and your life. It’s your life; be around those who make you happy, not headache-y.

It’s also fine to think your best friend’s husband is a great guy, but secretly think you’d contemplate the nunnery if you had to spend your life married to him.

On that note, it’s totally okay to think your husband is the best one of all your friends, family, and stranger’s husbands (I do. And I’m right.).

Most importantly, it’s okay to feel exactly how you feel and live exactly as you want to (provided you aren’t harming anyone or breaking any laws) because it makes you happy, no matter how many people disagree.


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