The Surprising Places Germs are Hiding


You keep antibacterial sanitizer in your handbag, you never touch the doors in restrooms and you always wash your hands after touching the grocery cart or the escalator. You’re not doing too bad in the germ department, right? Wrong. Germs are everywhere, not just public places and dirty bathrooms. You might work your behind off to prevent yourself from getting sick in a public restroom, but what about the other places disgusting germs are hiding and just waiting for your touch? You might be surprised where these germs are hiding.

Your Credit Cards

Think about it; you hand them to cashiers and they go through the same machines as the millions of other credit cards touched by their owners and every store clerk in the general vicinity. They’re nasty. You need to wipe them off periodically with a baby wipe to help get rid of germs. Additionally, it’s a good idea to sanitize after you go shopping. Retail therapy only works if you don’t get the flu afterward.

Your Handbag

Where do you set your bag when you’re out? On the floorboard of your car? On the backseat of your car? On the floor of a restaurant, or on the back of your chair or even on the table? Your bag is nasty and dirty. To keep yourself from getting sick, opt for a leather bag you can wipe down every time you get home before you transfer those germs to your kitchen countertops.

Your Toothbrush Holder

Let’s be honest, your toothbrush holder is pretty disgusting. It’s filled with germs and you keep putting them back in your mouth – at least twice a day we hope. You need to put that thing in the dishwasher once a week or so to keep the germs from spreading onto your toothbrush and into your mouth.


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