The 10 Best iPad and iPhone Apps for Mom

It’s Christmas, and if you’re a mom it’s entirely possible that you’re now playing with a new iPhone or iPad that your family got you. If you’re lucky of course!

But what to do with it? The app store can be a confusing mess of information, but never fear, we’re hear to give you some advice on some of the best apps for moms out there.

There are ten that we found might be useful to you, and you should check them all out below. Let us know if you try and and love them!

1. Cozi allows you to organize your family calendar, make shopping lists, manage to-do lists, leave reminders to yourself and jot in your family journal — all in one place. With their free Cozi iPhone, Android and BlackBerry apps, you can access and manage your Cozi account on-the-go.

2. Mom Maps

If you’re getting tired of the same old, same old playdate spots, take a look at Mom Maps to mix up your get-togethers. There are 27 metro areas in the app, with more being added all the time. The app uses your phone’s GPS to pinpoint nearby playgrounds, restaurants, and museums, and it vets your choices with parent reviews. Then use Meetup to call a group together.

3. Fake-a-Call

If you’re heading to a playgroup and you know that mom will be there – you know, the one who can’t stop bragging about how advanced little Oliver is – you can program Fake-A-Call to ring you. The app can either call you whenever you ask it to or after a designated period of time. Your phone rings as it normally does, handing you a graceful exit.

4. Trip Case

TripCase keeps track of every piece of information you need for a family trip – from itineraries and confirmation numbers to the locations of restaurants that friends have assured you are worth a stop. Plus, your flight status is updated in real time.

5. Grocery IQ

One of the best free apps for busy moms, Grocery iQ saves money and time when grocery shopping. Their barcode scanning feature makes creating lists easy. You can sort by category, aisle and more. This app is also integrated with coupons, so you can find easily find savings on the items on your list before leaving home. Grocery iQ is free for iPhone, iPad and Android users. Another fantastic grocery app is Grocery Gadgets, priced at $3.99.

6. Shop Savvy

ShopSavvy is your own personal shopping assistant. Just scan the barcode of any item using the camera on your phone (or search for the product) to find the best prices on the net and at local brick-and-mortar stores. This bargain-hunting app is extremely useful while shopping to make sure that you are getting the best deal. With ShopSavvy, you can also create wish lists and price alerts to let you know when an item goes on sale or hits a certain price mark.ShopSavvy 4 is a free app available for iPhone or Android.

7. Mint

If you are looking for the ideal money management app, Mint is the answer. has grown to be one of the most popular websites for personal finance tracking and its mobile app has made things even better. This app for busy moms (and everyone else) allows you to manage credit cards, bank accounts, investments, personal income, monthly budgets and any other assets or expenditures in real time. Mint syncs with your financial institutions to deliver everything you need. Get this free app for iPhone or Android.

8. Dragon Dictation

When Erin Kane, a.k.a. one of the Manic Mommies and a blogger for Real Simple, goes through her mental checklist of to-dos and wants to make sure she doesn’t forget anything, she uses Dragon Dictation. This genius app uses voice recognition software to transcribe what you say, great for those all-too-common moments when you really can’t spare a hand. “When I commute by car, I use Dragon Dictation to draft e-mails, reports, even blog posts,” says Erin. “It’s super helpful for getting those thoughts down before you forget them.”

9. Our Kids

Keep a journal of your kids’ major milestones, daily activities and special moments with this app. You can capture things as they happen with photos, audio, text and more to create a searchable, virtual family journal or memory book. OurKids allows you to easily enter any event (even ones that occurred in the past). Get this iPhone app for moms for just $3.99.

10. Web MD

For an all-in-one medical resource, WebMD Mobile can’t be beat. Before you head to the pediatrician, check out their “Symptom Checker” to see if you really need help. This app also has a first aid section, drug warnings, local health listings and all the other medical information you’d want from the pros at WebMD. Get this free app for Android, iPad and iPhone.


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