How to Take Charge of Your Social Media Habits

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Social media is a lot of fun for many people. It’s a great resource for long-distance friends and family members to keep in touch. It’s a great way to show off photos of your little ones or your business or your successes, and it’s a way to keep yourself entertained when waiting in long lines or at the doctor’s office. It’s fun, but it’s draining. There are times when we realize we haven’t stopped looking at our social media accounts all day long. There are times in which we cannot figure out just how often we spend wasting our time on social media sites. We are time wasters to an extent that is unbelievable, and we have to learn to take control of our social media habits. I’d say before they take control of us, but most of us are already under the control of social media. And we have a few ways we can learn to take back that control and become human again.

Designate a Time

I like to peruse social media sites when I am drinking my morning coffee. It’s almost how I read the ‘paper’ and make myself aware of how others are doing in their lives. And that’s fine, but I should really learn to stick to this time. If we designate times in which we can look at social media, we might not use it so much throughout the rest of the day.

Put Down the Phone

If it’s where you can reach it, you’re going to look at it. Do yourself a favor and put your phone somewhere that you cannot reach it so that you will stay away from social media while you work and accomplish things in your life that need accomplishing. If you make it a habit to keep the phone or internet away, you will be far better for it.


You can create good habits – at home, especially – if you just turn it off and unplug it. Make hours that are not for internet or phone use and stick to them. There is nothing so important that cannot wait until morning. Once you begin to realize just how much you can accomplish by being away from the internet, you will learn to keep yourself away from the internet.

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