Stay Productive All Day With These Simple Tips


Being productive isn’t as easy as staying productive. You wake up each morning with the best of intentions and then you become distracted shopping online or perusing Facebook or Pinterest to see what’s new, what’s going on and what you need to add to your spring wardrobe. No matter how productive you felt when you woke up, staying productive is often a challenge. Of course, we have a few tips that will help you to stay productive all day long.

Add to the List

Creating a to-do list is imperative, no matter how busy or not-so-busy you are. When you have everything written down, it helps you stay focused. When you add the smallest things you have to do to your list, you’ll feel so much more productive crossing them off. I’m serious. Add things such as “fold the laundry” and “go grocery shopping” to your list. Since they’re simple to do, you’ll cross them off and feel a sense of accomplishment that will rev up your productivity.

Use Natural Light

When you close the windows, curtains and blinds, it makes you feel lazy and unproductive. Instead, get out of bed, open them up and let the natural light shine through your house. If you work outside your home, do the same thing. You’ll feel more productive thanks to the natural light. It will give you the boost you need to help make your day more productive.

Reward Yourself

If you really want to stay productive longer each day, give yourself a reward for a to-do list that’s crossed completely off. For example, say you want to go to happy hour with your husband Friday night. Make it a deal with yourself that you can’t go unless your to-do list for the week is completely crossed off. It gives you motivation to stay motivated.

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