Six Life Tips that Change Everything


Thirty-three is quickly approaching, and I’m welcoming it with open arms. My birthday is the last day of this month, and I love my birthday. While many women dread their birthdays, especially after 29, I’m not one of them. I’m embracing my age, and I’m loving it. Right now, at almost 33, I’m better than ever. I look better than ever, I’m healthier than ever, and I’m happier than ever. It never hurts, though, that I’m always mistaken for someone a decade younger than I actually am – I really, really embrace that one. There’s just something about age that makes me feel so good about myself. I feel as if I get better every year in every way; not just physically. I’m so much smarter, so much wiser and so much less wasteful now that I ever was.

I love my birthday because it’s another year that I get to enjoy life, learn more and become wiser. That’s the key to happiness, if you ask me. Learning more is always welcome and it’s always helpful in so many aspects of life. If you ask me now what I know that I didn’t know a decade ago, I’d say everything. Some of my favorite realizations have been the ones that make my life better as a whole. You see, there are the tips that I’ve learned over the course of the past few years that have changed my life for the better in every way. Some are money-saving tips that make life so much less stressful. Others are tips that are going to save you a lot of stress when it comes to your health, your sanity and your mood. At the end of the day, though, all these life tips save you big bucks because they’re smart. Want to know what they are?

Always buy expensive jeans

If there is one thing you’re going to splurge on, make it good jeans. Don’t go cheap here, because you will always regret it. You want a pair that is a dark wash, a perfect fit and super-flattering. Of course, you never want cheap shoes, either; but that’s just me.

Spend more on makeup

Trust me when I tell you that spending more money on your makeup is going to be the best thing you ever do for yourself. It’s made better, you need less of it, it lasts longer on your face and in your containers, and it’s far less expensive to spend more now than it is to continuously spend ‘less’ throughout the year to the point you spend far more after you add it all up. Your skin and your wallet will thank you for this one.

Download your bank’s app

If you want to save money, be financially savvy and take control of your finances, you need to have the app for your bank on your phone. Do yourself a solid and have your app send you notifications. When you know every dollar that clears your account, you’re more likely to spend less and save more because you are constantly aware of where you stand financially.

Drink water

Coffee is amazing in the morning. Wine is fabulous at night. Water is the only thing you need to drink throughout the day. Skip energy drinks. Skip soda and juices and other junk. Do yourself a favor and buy a Yeti, fill that baby with ice and keep refilling it with water throughout the day. Your skin will thank you, your body will thank you, and it’s the best investment you can make into your life no matter what. You’re healthier, you’re filling your body with water instead of junk, and you get the added benefit of eating less since water keeps you full.

Work out

If you’re going to find something that you like to do in life, make it working out. You’re healthier, your insurance is less expensive, your life is more enjoyable, and there is nothing that will ever bring you down. Working out puts you in a better mood, it helps you sleep better, it makes you feel better, it makes you happy, it burns off your negative energy; there is nothing about working out that is bad for you. Try to do it at least a half hour every day. It’s a lot of fun, too, if you mix it up every day with classes, working out with friends and doing your own thing. You won’t regret it.

Be kind

How are you going to save money being kind? How is being kind really going to affect your life? Being kind is the most amazing thing you can do, and it’s free. It’s going to give you a good reputation. A good reputation will help when it comes to being in business and being financially free. Being kind helps others, it makes you feel better and it’s just nice. Besides, no one likes a jerk.

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