Simple Ways to Deal With People Who Give you a Hard Time

On a daily basis, we all deal with people who bother us on some level. We deal with people who make us nuts, who drive us crazy and who make us want to scream. Unfortunately, all of the above is unavoidable. However, dealing with people who bother you isn’t as difficult as it feels in the moment. Take a few minutes to learn a few simple tips that will make dealing with the people who bother you simpler and less stressful.


You can’t change other people. It’s that simple. Other people are who they are and they’re not going to change just because you find them annoying or difficult to deal with. Instead of wishing they’d change and give you a break, remember that you have to change. Perhaps you’d find it easier to deal with the people who bother you most if you change your own attitude about dealing with them.

Create Limits

If the people who bother you most don’t have any limits, it’s time to set them. For example, if the culprit is a woman who simply never knocks before she lets herself into your office, let her know that it’s not acceptable and you will not see her if she continues this behavior. If it’s your mother-in-law’s annoying habit of attempting to discipline your child while you’re standing right there already taking care of it yourself, tell her that you don’t appreciate the interference and that you’d appreciate her allowing you to do your job without interference.

Think Positively

A positive attitude is sometimes all it takes to help you deal with certain people. Really, it could be as simple as remembering that at the end of the day, this person doesn’t live with you or that you only have to see him or her once a week. It can make it so much easier on you.

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