Simple Tips to Look Amazing in Photos

Christmas might have been yesterday, but the New Year is coming up and that means you’ll be the subject of many photos. If you find yourself staring at the pictures you took leading up to and on Christmas with disdain and disgust (where did that double chin come from?!), you might want to pay attention to this and prevent yourself from feeling the same way about photos of yourself again.

Angle Your Head Down an Inch

The worst mistake you can make in photos is using the wrong angle for your head. Instead of looking straight at the camera or up at the camera, tilt your head down just about an inch and look into the lens with a slightly upward angle. This helps to avoid the look of a double chin as well as providing you with a slimmer looking face.

Contour Your Makeup

Since many women wear makeup in photos, learn to do it correctly. This means contouring for photos. You will need to highlight the following facial features; beneath your eyes, the “T” shape of your nose and eyes, below the shallows of your cheeks, above the center of your upper lip and in the slight bend of your chin. You’ll want to contour the following areas with bronzer; the sides of you nose, the area just to the right and left of your chin, the hollow area of your cheeks and at your hairline. This will help create depth in photos.

Turn Your Head

Most people have oddly shaped heads and uneven features (does that make you feel better about your own appearance?) and it can make you look awkward in photos. Turn your head slightly to the left or right, a half inch or so, to help yourself look better in photos from this point forward.

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